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12-30-16: UPDATE

Christmas was not the best, but going to Church and spending time with family made it OK.  Looking forwad to the next court date in less than 2 weeks.

We were not ble to get Tammy out at the last court date but for a change, there was slow movment.  Tammy was in a wheel chair which suprised the judge as well as seeing her still in custody which the judge also didn't expect.

The state prosecutor at the court was actualy the one handling Tammy's case.  This was his first appearance and the first time he has seen anything on  the case. It seemed he may have had some issus as he wanted more iformation before making a decision on bond reduction motion (more later on this) as well as wantng to talk to some of the parties involved..

Tammy was in the hospital (Prision Unit) where they had a hard time figuring out what was wrong with her.  But her on strong antibiotics and sent her back. When she got back, the staff thougt she was faking evrything for probably 2 weeks when she was rushed back to the hospital. This time they found she had 3 liters of fliud built up in her abdomen. They took it out, no anestheisia of any kind, no advil or asprin afer.  Tammy is one tough person.  She also caugh CDiff , which she got when they sent her back beacuse the prison is anything by clean and when your on antibiotics, this CDiff infection can be caught easily.

Her lawyer has filled an aditional motion to reduce the bond ue to medical conditionas she now has, some as a direct result of the enviorment, some bui lding for a while and exasberated while incarcerated, need to be addressed by specialist, and an in house GP doesn't cut it.

We are still going for the same goal, as there is no gaurantee that her bond will be reduced.  If it is we as so ver close albiet we may have to give the money to a Bail Bondsman which we will never see again.

The 10% non-surrity (I think that is the term), current at $7500 is refundable once the case is complete.

Hoping and praying that the nond will be reduced as we can almost make it work to get Tammy Home.

Thanks to all who have read this. While donations are  appreciated, they are not as important that you know what Tammy is going through,  The place they keep women in CT, pending trial or already onvicted is ranks as one of the worst places in the country. Another sad state of the state of CT.


Hi All,

As many of you know my wife Tammy Linteau was falsely accused of a crime and is currently being held at York Correction Institute in Niantic on a high bail. The charges are serious and the state is making this case WWIII. While I won't get into the single charge pending against her, I can honestly say that none of her family or friends believe it to be true for a second and we are looking forward to having her completely exonerated.

I am currently paying all I can for her legal defense and our normal household expenses and have no way to get the money needed to get her out of PRISON. This is where your help is needed. Remember, she has been charged, but this case has not gone to trial where her innocence will be proven. And even though she is innocent until proven guilty, in CT, when you cannot afford bail, you are an inmate and treated at York as if you have been convicted. Due to the charge and the high bail amount, she is being treated as though she is serving a life sentence, I know that she feels like she is already.

Tammy was arrested Oct 17, and has had almost no contact with the outside world or her family since then. We have been allowed a SINGLE visit since then. The paperwork process for visiting her is still ongoing and maybe we will hear soon when we can see her. Since she has been arrested she only been able to contact us by phone and then not very often. She has been in multiple lock downs at the facility including one that lasted for 6 days. I cannot imagine being locked in a 6'X10' cell for 6 days straight. She was unable to leave the cell for a shower or even to make a phone call.

Both myself and my son, Aidan, 13 years old miss her dearly as you might expect. Our Thanksgiving was spent without her and we do not want to spend the rest of the holiday season and Christmas without her.

I am asking you to help her get home while our slow legal system goes through its paces. Her lawyer is saying this could easily go on for over a year and a half.

Please, remember that she has been falsely accused and that she is innocent until proven guilty and she should not have to do hard time because we cannot afford bail.

Any amount is greatly appreciated from the bottoms of our hearts.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I would be happy to chat.

Ray Shuey (Aidan too)

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