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Darla's Medical Fundrazr for Cushing's and Cancer
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Ended Sep 4, 2015

Darla's family needs your help. Darla has had Cushing's Disease for more than 8 years, and now she has a Cancer diagnosis too. They urgently need assistance to help pay for the medical copays and outstanding medicaid bills. 

She'll need life-long medication after having her thyroid removed. She can't afford to be turned away for nonpayment. The thyroid replacement hormone medication will be critical to her survival for the rest of her life. 

*NEW UPDATE 3/9/2015 Darla had an abdominal CT scan that shows what could be either an adenocarcinoma of the umbilicus (stomach cancer near the belly button) or an umbilical hernia (intestines coming through the stomach muscles and getting pinched off from circulation which can cause gangrene and death if not treated promptly). She's been having severe stomach pain for over 3 years and has been being treated for the pain but the cause hasn't been determined. Now we're starting to get answers thanks to the donations. More help is needed to get the treatments and pay for the imaging and biopsies that were done! See the "updates"tab for more info on this new finding.*

Please contribute (and share) so that bills from the doctors, surgeons, imaging, and pharmaceutical companies can be paid.

Darla wants to get better. She is a loving wife, and a really good mommy to her 4 wonderful kids. This family needs your help to get through this. We humbly and kindly ask you to help however you can.


Cushing's Disease is caused by the overproduction of the stress hormone, cortisol. A tumor on the pituitary gland causes it to make a hormone called ACTH, which stimulates the adrenal glands making them produce too much cortisol. Your body becomes locked in "fight or flight" stress mode. It causes weakening bones, tendons, muscles, joints, organs, and skin. While at the same time causing your body to store fat and retain fluid. Essentially, your insides become weaker while your body gets larger and heavier, making it difficult to lift your own body without pain and injury if the ability is there at all. Patients say it like someone put them in a fat suit overnight and it won't come off, except that the fat is real and as heavy as real fat, and feels heavier because of the weakening of systems inside. Darla's difficulty with her new fat suit was amplified because she had been put on bed-rest multiple times with other conditions before being diagnosed with Cushing's. Her muscles never had a chance to catch up to the weight she was gaining. 


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