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Although I retired from television production and corporate communications I've held onto a dream to make a series of videos to share things that are on my mind. What's on my mind specifically is mind stuff itself: consciousness, feelings, ideas, beliefs, memories, biases, symbols and anything else worthy of reflection for good mental health. While I want to make such videos myself, this project is really about developing a platform for producing and sharing mind-space videos made by a community of artists, writers and mental health experts.

I love learning about psychology, neuroscience, communication theory, media ecology and metaphysics. And I know I'm not alone in this but, while there is entertainment value in documentaries on such subjects, there is also therapeutic value in understanding ourselves and others better. These are desperate times; they call for desperate measures, especially resilience and well-managed personal change. 

We will all need to make sacrifices to deal with the climate crisis and epidemics. We are being manipulated by propaganda to support wars, coups and sanctions. Our currencies and economies are on the brink of collapse. Nevertheless, we are reacting to these modern crises with the same thinking used by our tribal ancestors, despite the fact that researchers can and do point to the ways that primal thinking is now counter-productive. 

The idea behind Bubbles and Tubes is grass roots mutual learning, not top down lectures on ways to think. The idea is to share personal stories of how our minds change. To share symbols and icons that help us explain what’s in our minds. To share talent, resources, and a commons where this sharing can take place. 

The vision is to host an online co-operative studio of digital artists supporting psychologists, neuroscientists, researchers, writers, producers and anyone else with a story to tell about personal or collective minds. Sharing resources and standards will keep costs low so Bubbles and Tubes is accessible to almost anyone.

I’ve taught myself 3D animation and produced many tests. I’ve also written many scripts for a demo of the concept. But I must finally concede I need help to get this project moving. The idea is just too big and too crazy for me. More than anything, I need encouragement from others who see its potential. And I need partners who can help guide development. Beyond that, my immediate financial need is to hire another 3D artist to help complete a proof of concept demo. 

Obviously, much more will be required for next stage development, including an operations manager who can structure fund-raising, recruiting and administration. But for now I’m merely at the ‘build it and they will come’ stage.

While I'm eager to keep working on this dream, my ultimate goal is to find others who can take long-term ownership. If you're curious, please visit my website, where you can review animation tests and learn more about the idea and about me.


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Our campaign is now over.

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