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For the second time this week a tiny one has made their way to DRSF who have clearly lived a life of suffering. First was Yola with her huge hernia that must have slowly gotten bigger and bigger until it dragged on the ground. And today, Chanel. 
This poor little one cannot even relax because she is so itchy. Her skin is hot and inflamed. Her skin is swollen and itchy. This is not something that happened over a few days, this has gotten this bad over a very, very long time. She tries to lay down and starts to doze off and then jumps up and starts chewing and scratching again. 
Luckily she found her way to DRSF, thanks to a kind follower that knew she needed help that was beyond what she was able to provide. 
We will start with skin scrapes to determine if there are mites or if this is just a horrible case of flea allergies, bloodwork to see if there are any underlying illnesses and many many soothing baths and then we will come up with a plan. Her nails are CRAZY long, but we don’t want to hurt her (her little toes are so inflamed) so we will take care of them as soon as we are able. One step at a time until we can see this beauty all healed, gorgeous and happy. 
You have helped us make so many miracles this we have it in us for one more for Chanel?  As always, every dollar counts toward the funding finish line and even if you are not in a position to donate, your comment alone also helps Chanel as the more comments we have the more people see our dogs' stories!


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