Rhett Was Hit By a Car And Had Nobody To Come For Him
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The plea came from the shelter seeking help - "A 2139564 - Med Red Dog - Emergency- Injured - Pet presented for evaluation due to injuries suspected HBC. Unable to stand."

HBC - Hit By Car.  One of the most challenging conditions to evaluate for intake as it can be so many things.  We have no way to know until a more thorough exam and x-rays can be done what we are looking at. It is a crap shoot all the way around - we could be looking at crate rest (less expensive) or we could be looking at a broken pelvis (makes our treasurer cry)  It could go either way or be anywhere in the middle. 

A2139564 was a 31lb dog - much bigger than we usually take.  Coulwe place a dog that size?  Maybe someone else would step up, but who was coming for a 31lb dog who had been hit by a car and couldn't stand?  

DRSF was coming for 31lb dog who couldn't stand.

We placed our hold and the Pambulance was on the road to get him and when we got to him we were stunned to find a standard, wire hair doxie.  This poor boy was in so much pain - everything on him hurt and he screamed at each touch trying to get him out of his crate. He was christened Rhett and his freedom ride headed north to LeadER and he cried the whole way. 

Dr. Spahn was waiting for Rhett and the Pambulance and he was taken right to the back and examined.  X-rays revealed broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder AND a broken pelvis.  We know Rhett needs surgery, but we are not sure how much and where to get him put back together, so Rhett will spend some time getting stabalized and on meds to get his pain under control and will then have a surgical consult to figure out what to do next. 

We are back again to ask your support to give a 2nd chance to Rhett after you have already come through for Remo and Luna already this week and now we have been called on once again to be the safety net for Rhett.  As always, every single dollar counts the same toward the finish line and even if you can't donate, your comment alone and a share also can support him as you never know whose heart you will touch!



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