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T2P Films aims to be your #1 source for Canadian train simulation add-ons by continuing to share our passion of Canadian transit with the world. We first started transit simulation development in 2012 with the Yonge-University-Spadina line Version 3 for the OpenBve train simulator. Prior to this, barely anyone knew that there was a simulator out there where they could operate a virtual Toronto subway train from their computer. Since then T2P Films has released Finch to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, Kennedy to Kipling and Sheppard-Yonge to Don Mills to Sheppard-Yonge for the train simulator. Anyone can download the routes and operate a Toronto subway from their computer or mobile device:


We have been invited multiple times by the Toronto Transit Commission to showcase the simulator at their Open House and Doors Open events. Many attendees have had the opportunity to play with the simulator at the events.


We also ran the Virtual TTC Academy from 2012 to 2017 which allowed transit enthusiasts to simulate Toronto subway operations realistically online. The academy had over 700 sign ups and was featured on CTV News.



We have started development of the TTC 509 Streetcar route for Metro Simulator but need your help to cover the costs to finish it.


Introduction to Metro Simulator


Metro Simulator is a free train simulator for Windows developed by independent developers in the Netherlands: It includes the ability to couple trains, switch tracks and set up track routing through the Traffic Control Console:

Sjoerd Ydema has developed many of the routes and trains that come with Metro Simulator. He has developed the Glasgow subway, London Underground and numerous fictional routes. He has also taken 3D models of the TTC Flexity, PCC, ALRV and CLRV and made them available to operate in Metro Simulator:

Professionally, Sjoerd works as a traffic management engineer/consultant and makes 3D simulations to design the most optimal road crossings. This is a simulation he used to test a bus station design in the Netherlands:



Toronto TTC 509 Exhibition Streetcar Route


T2P Films is working with Sjoerd to build the first ever Toronto streetcar simulation for the general public. Once released, users will be able to drive a virtual Toronto streetcar on the 509 Exhibition route in Metro Simulator.

The track from Exhibition to Union station in both directions has already been completed.

The Traffic Control Console (CVL) for the 509 Exhibition route from Exhibition Loop to Union station.

Some of the buildings as well as the underground portions of Queens Quay and Union stations have been added.


Queens Quay station on the 509 Exhibition route for Metro Simulator.

Union station in the 509 Exhibition route for Metro Simulator.

Objects such as traffic lights, streetcar shelters and signage have also been added


Approaching the underground section in the 509 Exhibition route towards Queens Quay station.

What is left to do?


Major buildings along the route need to be custom modeled, such as:


-Exhibition Place complex

-Rogers studio at Bathurst and Lakeshore

-Recognizable buildings along Queens Quay

-Buildings by Spadina loop

-Any additional street objects unique to Toronto


We have contracted a 3D Modeller who will build the models from scratch using 3DS Max. Based on estimates provided by multiple 3D Modellers we have relationships with, each building will cost between $200-$360 to model and texture. These 3D Modellers are ones we have interviewed but they are not directly part of the T2P Films or Virtual TTC Academy team.

Virtual TTC Academy Streetcar Division


Once the route is released, we plan to open 3 streetcar divisions in the Virtual TTC Academy: Russell, Roncesvalles and Leslie Barns. If you are not currently a member of the Virtual TTC Academy, sign up here: We will begin hosting runs on the 509 Exhibition route. We may also develop the remaining Toronto streetcar routes, adding more routes to do runs on.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How much will the route cost once released?

A. Free! This one is for the community. We also hope that this will help restart run participation in the Virtual TTC Academy.


Q. When will the route be released?

A. We want the route released as much as you do. However, we are unable to provide a date at this time. We will be working with Sjoerd as well as Michiel, the lead developer of Metro Simulator to release the route as soon as possible. We are hopeful that with your support we can get the route released sometime this year. See our perk for exclusive updates to receive email updates so you will always know the latest on the project.


Q. What happens if you do not raise enough funds? Will the route still be released?

A. We still plan to release the route but it would contain generic and placeholder buildings or empty spaces. We would much prefer releasing a route that actually looks like the 509 when operating in the simulator. The more funds raised, the more key buildings we will be able to model. Any amount raised will go directly to the 3D modellers for their work.


Q. Will you be releasing other Toronto routes such as the 510, 511 etc?

A. No guarantees but if this project is successful we would definitely like to develop other Toronto streetcar routes.


Q. Will we be using manual control for the Streetcar Division of the Virtual TTC Academy?

A. Initially yes but if we continue to have strong attendance, we will be using the control screen and signalling system previously used for the subway runs.


Q. Will there really be limited spots in each Streetcar Division of the Virtual TTC Academy?

A. Yes to prevent virtual operators from all joining one division and having limited operators in other divisions.


Q. Does the simulator work on Mac or Linux?

A. Unfortunately Metro Simulator only works on Windows. However, you could explore emulators and virtual machines or just use a friend's Windows computer.



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