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Almost a year ago I sent the letter below advising people of our situation and trying to get help for my son Devin. The justice system was very slow and nothing happened for over a year, Until 4 hours ago. A detective showed up with a search warrant. He had DNA results and demanded that Devin give his DNA. They told us he may now be tried as an adult.


We got a hold of the attorney and he says we must move quickly now and get things to the county attorney before the Grand jury can meet. He says that Devin's age now has put him in the adult category.

This is the worst state for these kinds of issues and so we must move quickly. We need $5000 down to retain right now!

He thinks he can get it moved back to Juvenile court due to his low IQ. He says once the grand jury indicts Devin he will be arrested and will not be bond-able and will sit in Jail till the trial. Melissa and I come to you in all humility and on bended knee and ask you for your help. We need 260 people to give at least 100 dollars or 500 to sow $50 to retain this highly respected attorney. We need this now to stop the swift pace that this can now take on. This was not rape but something else. If you are offended by this or bothered by this, then please forgive me.

We are just a desperate father and mother fighting for our son, just a boy trapped in a man's body.

Dear friends and family members,

Just so you know I have consulted a multitude of Pastors and dear friends for wisdom and counsel and to see what their opinion would be in sending this letter to you.

Melissa and I write to you with very heavy hearts. Our son is in trouble...

So with broken hearts we have to let you know that our son Devin has been accused of a crime with with a girl his age. May of 2017 we thought this was over until our world came crashing down today when the detectives showed up with a search warrant. I will not go into all the details in this letter. But, If you want to know in detail, you can ask me or I can send you the details in an email or you can call me. I do not want to shame him or our family any more than what may come or already have come.

Devin has not been doing well since my mom passed away and has been in trouble for the last year on and off but never to the severity he is now. As most of you know Devin has a comprehensive disability. He does not comprehend very well at all and truthfully his judgment and decision making are horrible. Devin, basically is a 10-year-old in a 16-year-old body.

So the reason for our letter to you is we need your help, to help Devin have a future. Devin is in a very precarious situation with his age. He as of this moment is going to be charged as a juvenile. However If we do not act soon and allow the courts to drag their feet it could push closer and closer till he is 17 and then an aggressive Prosecutor could charge him as an adult. This would be disastrous for our son.


So when I met with the attorney who specializes in the rehabilitation of juveniles he told us that to retain him for 2 years till Devin is 18 it would be $25,000. He said time is of the essence here because once we can get him retained he can actually move this thing forward since he knows all the legal players involved in Pinal County. One good thing going for us is Pinal county is very juvenile friendly and believes in rehabilitation and not punishment.  If we cannot retain this attorney then we will have to go with a public defender and they may not have all the skills needed to help my son.

So driving home last night after meeting with the attorney I thought to myself, I believe I know at least 250 people that love and care about our family and my son that could give at least $100 dollars to help our son have a future. That is all we need to get my son the best most experienced Attorney.

So will you PLEASE help by sowing into my son's future? I have set up a private page so that it has accountability and everyone knows what it is for and where it is going.

We see a small light at the end of this dark tunnel for our Son Devin. We believe a day will come soon where great joy, healing, and restoration will come for our son and for our family!

If you are offended by this or bothered by this, then please forgive me. I am just a desperate father fighting for my son, just a boy trapped in a man's body.

Humbly asking for your help and will be so ever grateful for your help.
So thank You from the bottom of my heart in advance!
Brent Luck

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