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We always try to help out when a cat or dog is in a bit of a pickle, but we have recently gotten some news that puts us in one. 

WE NEED SOME UN-PICKLING HELP. We have no paid staff. We are all volunteer.

2 of our core members were recently diagnosed with health issues that will temporarily effect our day to day operations.... One financially and the other physically. 

JoAnn is one of our 5 day a week volunteers and has been with us since 2014. She was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer and will be going in for surgery and treatment on November 4th. We are all rooting for her and ask that you keep her and her family in  your thoughts and prayers for the next few months. She is a fighter, and we know she will kick cancers bum... 

This is where the physical help comes in to play...

We will need some extra hands down at the center on Tuesdays through Saturdays walking dogs and scooping cat litter for the next few months. If anyone can help please contact Meredith at 516-721-2552 as she is there 7 days a week for the most part. 

On the financial side..... Matthew injured his shoulder and needs to go in for extensive surgical repair. Matthew's Home Improvement Business covers about $2500.00 a  month of center expenses. He will be unable to work much for at least 4 months and that means we will loose the $2500 a month in support. Our rent alone is $2950 so it is a bit stressful for Matt and the rest of us. We want him to focus on getting better.... not keeping the doors to the center open.

We need to raise at least $7,500 to cover Matthew's contributions while he is out of commission. 

Every dollar helps.

We appreciate all of your constant support of our work. Every dollar helps... and even just an hour spent at the center walking dogs or straightening up after the cats is HUGE. 


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