Approximately 900 MILLION dogs live worldwide, the vast majority as free roaming and living as dogs do when not controlled by a human. In the USA alone, about 89 million companion dogs must live under their guardian or owner’s terms and conditions. For many dogs, this means living a less than ideal life. Yet, their willingness to bond with and accommodate their human is unique in the Animal Kingdom and is one that should last their lifetime. But it doesn't always work out that way. As we humans often say, "Life happens," but for our dogs "Their life happens according to their human." Sometimes natural canine behavior issues and unnatural ones are the result of their human-canine relationship, living conditions, home environment or even inappropriate human behavior. All of this is what we study at the Center in order to better understand and support the bond and save dogs from surrender that leads too often to euthanasia. When you participate in our research, you help save lives.
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A Study to Investigate the Effects of Early Life Influences
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Mini Study Survey - # 1

A Survey to Investigate the Effects of Early Life Influences




This is a 5 minute or less survey per dog (and you can complete the survey for multiple dogs in one visit). is to gather data to determine if reward-based training produces adult dogs with fewer behavior problems.

Before You Take the Survey, Will You Help Cover the Cost?

Contributing is not required to participate.  But like any research institution, whether for-profit or non-profit, pursuing research has costs.

The Center for Canine Behavior Studies is a public nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation.

No gift is too small. Thus we beg you to voluntarily support this survey to help all of us to better understand our canines, the human-canine bond, and our inter-species interaction. 

OUR findings make a difference—for many dogs it's a lifesaving one.

YES, I Will Support the Survey

After donating you will be directed to the study.

If you do not wish to contribute, you may proceed to the study.

Take the Study NOW


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