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Hello, we hope this message is finding you all well - healthy - and happy wherever you're at in the world! Our names are Danielle and Christopher, though most call us Dani and Chris. These three beautiful faces in the picture are our children (Hunter (middle), Scout (left) and Ash (right)). Hunter is 12. He loves to read and write stories. He loves dinosaurs and werewolves. He’s had his own personal struggles living with Asperger’s and ADHD, but right now he’s doing better, but only over the course of the past six months. Scout is 7. She loves everything pink, purple and sparkly! Unicorns, rainbows and cotton candy are some of her favorite things! Everyone, and I mean everyone is her friend. She has a giant heart and she adores her brothers, especially her baby brother. She’s worked very hard these past two years in school, which was a struggle for her as she’s been recently diagnosed with ADHD, but if things continue the way they do, she will be able to graduate into the 3rd grade! Ash is 4. He is non-verbal and lacks the necessary social skills for him to be in a “normal environment.” He’s still in diapers because he’s afraid of the potty and he’s never been left with anyone besides myself or my husband because he has anxiety attacks/meltdowns. We were told he was high functioning autistic by the age of 2, but were meeting slammed doors in our face at every turn. It wasn’t until this year that we saw a new psychologist who’s willing to help us get the diagnosis and help we need to help our baby boy. They are mine and my husband’s entire world. Our hearts and souls split three ways in these beautiful tiny humans. Three tiny humans that we would do ANYTHING for. is why we are here - asking for your help!

We are reaching out to our simblr family and friends as well as those we've met and consider family via the interweb! We can no longer stay in the home we currently reside. As of May 1st of 2019, we were served with court documents claiming we owed an astronomical amount of money they we were amiss as to how they came up with those figures when the months they claimed we owed them money for, we had receipts showing that we paid our rent. We immediately reached out to our local community, however, resources available to those in our county have been depleted after the devastation to Paradise, CA in Nov/Dec of 2018. The woman I spoke with, upon hearing that my husband is a disabled war veteran, told us that we were able to seek help from the VRC (veteran's resource center) for transitional housing. Unfortunately, we had to wait until we were in crisis of becoming homeless before they could step in to help us.

It took a long time before we could do that seeing as we were never actually served an eviction notice and had signed a one year lease in which if we broke - we'd have to pay THOUSANDS of dollars, however after receiving court documents on the first I immediately called the VRC and made contact with our previous case specialist whom forwarded our case to another specialist. She made contact with us and started our enrollment process while we searched for other places for rent. There aren't many places available right now and most don't want their renters having any pets period, well we have a dog. She's my husband's companion animal for his PTSD. So when we found another place, which happens to be right down the street from us, and they allow pets, we were beyond relieved! The home is being renovated on the inside, and won't be available until June 1st, but that gave us time to start moving out our belongings and for our VRC Specialist to enroll us! Last week, upon submitting our profile to her supervisor, the supervisor recognized the realtor company's name that the homeowner goes through to collect her rent and deal with her tenants, as they have had to work with them before in similiar situations. Seeing that we signed a waiver allowing the VRC to make contact with the realtor company, she called them herself to chat with them. They agreed that if the VRC paid what they are claiming we owed them (minus what we gave proof that we paid already) and the legal fee's that they would let us stay here longer. As in not indefinitely. We'd still have to move.

Here's the catch, this is the second time this company has done this to us! The first time was last year and now this month. The homeowner wants to sell her rentals, she wanted to sell before the fire in Paradise as she couldn't afford to the upkeep on them however every inspector that came through our home said that the house is red flagged. The wiring isn't up to date. The foundation, paneling and frames around the windows are all rotting. And the roof on the left side of the house is caving in. And after speaking to our neighbor about what was going on, he informed us that the realtor and homeowner did this to the previous tenants who lived here before us which is why they also had to leave. Not many people stay here long, and we're just not finding out why. These people bleed you dry of every penny you have! We know that with the homeowner is wanting to sell, what the VRC has told us about the realtor company (again they've had to work with them before in the past), we know it's only a matter of time before they tell us we have to move. We cannot stay here and wait for another time that they do this to us!

We just got our eldest on a schedule that works for him! He's sleeping through the night (he's suffered from night terrors most of his life) and doing so much better in school! And we just found a psychologist that's trying to help our youngest who's non-verbal and lacks social skills to find the help and prognosis that he needs. Neither one of them deal well with change, especially our eldest son. And so we'd like to limit as much change as possible, the place down the street would allow us to stay in our town as well as keep our children in their current school's. And Friday we found out that the house we recently applied for is a go!!

But with the VRC paying the realtor company, which would stop the process temporarily of us having to leave, there is nothing more they can do for us because we would "no longer be in a crisis of becoming homeless," even though we've submitted proof/evidence to them including character statements from previous tenants and the surrounding neighbors. We'd literally be sitting here walking on eggshells waiting for them to serve us with an eviction notice again. And it will happen. Especially since the work that needs to be done on this house cannot be done while people are living in it. They'd have to have us move or kick us out first and they do not care that we have a disabled vet or three children living here. And by moving, if they don't kick us out after they receive the check from the VRC, we'd legally have to give them 30 Days Notice and pay rent on the first which is $1,100. My husband only gets $1,284 in disability. We wouldn't have enough to move! Which is why I'm here again..

We're asking for your continued support and help in raising money so that we can move into a new place so that we can leave this toxic environment altogether and move to somewhere where we can feel safe and secure and raise our children in a clean and loving environment not filled with anxiety, stress, tears and angst! We previously raised $824 and $310 of that went towards preventing water shut off. We have $514 left to go towards first months rent, but we are needing your help in raising the money for a deposit and pet deposit. We are meeting with the manager of the new place, hopefully soon, as soon as he can break away from renovations on the home we applied for. Once I know how much for certain rent will be I'll be able to update you guys on the full amount. As of right now, we know that the depost will be $1,000 and the pet deposit is $250. Again, the $514 we currently have will go towards first months rent and once I have a number I can update the difference.

The Simblr community has been a solid rock for me the past 7 years and I have seen you guys do so many amazing and wonderful things when we all come together! I really need that support right now for my family!! Anything is helpful. Liking, sharing, donating! <3 We can never pay you back, but we can and WILL pay it forward! Please, help our family leave the toxicity behind and move towards something that promises a better future for us! 

With much love, hope and appreciation <3
Dani, Chris, Hunter, Scout, Ash and Luna!


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