How To Choose A Bag Packing Tent
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If you ask me how many types of tents are out there, I will tell you there are two types, those that can withstand heavy storms and those that cannot. In this post, I will be helping you know the things to consider when buying tents for bag packing. Consider these guidelines to purchase the best tent for backpacking.

Consider the size and number of people

This should be priority number one, consider the number of people the tent is supposed to house at ago. Most backpackers walk in groups so most tents have been made to house about 2 to 3 people at ago. Ensure you note the sizes marked on the tent’s packaging. Unfortunately, most tents that are made to house 2 people end up being smaller and they hardly fit the two people as it should. For this reason, choose a larger tent to house the desired number. Remember to consider the body size of the occupants as well. 


Remember the lighter the tent, the more expensive it is. The hike in price is because the materials used to make the lighter tents are more expensive because of their light nature. Most tents are heavy because of the tent poles. Live alone the heavier types made from fiberglass and go for tents made with aluminum poles. 

Non-free standing or freestanding

Freestanding tents are the best they need less work since they don’t need too much work to get them set. Non-free standing tents need to be given support to stand, but freestanding support themselves. Luckily, most stands found in the market today are freestanding, just be careful not to buy the other one out of not being keen.

Simplicity of assembling

Consider the simplicity of assembling the tent. When purchasing the tent, ask your seller to allow you assemble the tent before you finally purchase it. Take note of how long and how easy or how hard it is to put everything in place. Is it easy to clip the poles to the tent? Does it need extra hands to assemble it you can assemble it on your own? Go for a tent that needs much time and fewer hands to assemble, would be best if you can handle it all by yourself.

Ceiling height and entry space

Some tents are made with single doors while others are made with double ones. Consider the ease of entry and exit. Additionally, consider if its height can allow you to sit upright when inside or not. Go for what you see as careful.

Consider the tent’s season

There are “three season” and “four season” tents. This simply means the seasons that the tent is meant to withstand. Three season tents can only sustain Spring Summer and fall; it is not strong enough to withstand winter. A four-season tent on the other hand is stronger and can stand the weight of snow that comes with winter. If you see yourself camping in winter, be sure to buy a four-season tent.

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