Help Lenka fund her dance education in America
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Support Lenka to finance her next trip to California for high-quality dance education at the Salimpour School of Belly Dance.


Hi, my name is Lenka and I´m a professional belly dancer based in Europe. I´ve been studying this dance form for almost 10 years; for the past 4 years I dived into studying with the Salimpour School of Belly Dance, which is located in America. The school offers two formats (Suhaila and Jamila) in five levels. It is possible to get certified in the lower levels in Europe but fot the level 3s, you have to come to America. Currently, I am Suhaila level 3 and Jamila level 2 certified and my next dance goal is to come to California in February 2018 and test for Jamila level 3. This I cannot do without your help. 

You can read more about my journey with the Salimpour School here or learn more about the school at their web page



I´ve already travelled three times to America; my last trip left me with a huge debt that prevents me from returning back any time soon. I spent there two weeks to get certified in Suhaila level 3 and attend my first Jamila level 3 workshop. That whole trip was worth 16 months of my rent. But it was worth every penny and that is why I long to come back and work on improving myself again. 

Those of you who know me personally can tell I´m a hard-working dancer. I have the time, my own studio to train in, and the will and determination to pursue such a demaning dance training. As a freelancer, I don´t have any work restrictions either. 

Naturally, we all have various obstacles that make it difficult to reach our goals. For me though, it´s just about the money - the travel expenses that triple the cost of the dance education itself. Unfortunatelly, compared to how high (or low) Czech salaries are, the final amount is so high for me that it is virtually impossible to save it by myself and travel to the States any time soon at this point. 



  • Flight ticket $800
  • Accommodation $490
  • Food $170
  • The week-long workshop $990
  • Testing fee $350
  • Required private class $95



You can contribute to the campaing with any amount that is affordable to you. Every little bit is much appreciated and will help me reach my goal. You can either choose a reward for your donation, contribute to a specific part of my trip, or send any amount you wish by hitting the "contribute" button.

Of course, all the contributors will get a massive thank-you shout-out and I´ll be sharing my progress on my instagram and FB account so make sure you follow me on any of these platforms if you´re interested.

And don´t forget to share the campaing on social media ;-) Thank you!



I earn less

I´ll still keep the money raised. Depending on how much is missing, I will try and find the remaining money and still go in February or earn the remaining sum in the following months and go in the summer 2018. 

I earn more

I can use the extra money for any additional expenses before or during the trip (travel health insurace, ...) or put it towards my debt from the summer trip to the Salimpour School. Either way, everything goes to my dance education. 





Check my FB page for all the updates or follow me on instagram. 



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Skype private lesson with Lenka
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Let me help you be a better dancer with a 60-min. skype private lesson. Choose from a wide array of topics and styles - performance, technique, finger cymbal skills, musicality, motivation and training, general belly dance, tribal and fusion or ATS®.
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One night at AirBnb
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This amount will pay for approximately one night at AirBnb place close to the studio. Staying close helps me stay focused and save time and energy during the workshop.
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Salimpour School private for Lenka
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This amount will pay for my required private class to get into the testing chute.
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This amount pays for exactly one day of the week-long workshop.
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Testing fee
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