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TOk so I really don't know where to begin in explaining my family's situation, so I'm just gonna go with it.This homeless situation is really taking its toll on me and my wife's soul and our hearts hurt because we honestly feel like failures as parents because we hit a huge bump in the road of life and fell all the way back down to rock bottom. We have struggled financially for a while but we never have been this low in our lives. I was working in Ellijay, GA at Pilgrims which is a chicken processing plant. We was living with my wife's mother and helping pay all her bills. We have 4 beautiful kids who we love more than anything in this world. 2 boys and 2 girls. There names and ages are, Hunter who is 6, McKinley who is 5, Aiden who is 4, and Addison who is 2. Well anyways we got our income taxes back and went out and bought a van because we didn't have a vehicle. We also went out and tried to find our own place and couldn't find anything for 2 days. Well her mother told us that we would have a place to stay with her and told us to go on vacation and have fun as a family cause we never really got to do anything cause I worked all the time. Well we took off to Tennessee. We stayed in the Hilton and took the kids to the aquarium, the zoo, the discovery museum, and just had a fantastic time as a family. Well we came back and helped pay up all her momma's bills which was fine because we lived there and she was struggling with them and was behind on a few. So I was still working and everything was going as normal. Then after like 8 days being back there her momma kicks us out because​ my wife started arguing with her. I was like wow she said we had a safe place to stay. All our money was almost gone. We got in the van and left and drove down the mountain back to Chatsworth. We got a room for a week at the Key West Inn. That costed $250. Well I was driving back and forth to work which was now 53 miles there and the same amount back which means I was driving 106 miles a day just to go to work everyday. One day we had just filled up the tank and was pulling out of the store and the transmission went out on the van. I was so upset cause now we didn't have a car and we was staying in motel. Money was thin. I just started praying and asking God for guidance. I was so broken and my wife was a mess of emotions. We still had our 4 babies with us. Well anyways I lost my Job, the van got repoed, we had no place to really go after the room ran out. So i went to the Salvation army and asked for help. They helped us rent the room for 2 weeks and I was so happy for that. I walked around town and started putting in apps everywhere. Still we had to figure out something for food cause no where was hiring. Well food started getting short and we asked family members and they helped us with a little bit of food. Anyways, those 2 weeks ran out and then we had no place to go for real. We went by the churches and they literally turned us away and showed no compassion on us. I got irritated with them and it hurt us very bad. I mean when the church turns you away that is pretty bad. Jesus would never turn anyone away, He would take them and help them. The love of many has waxed cold in this world. I've experienced now that when you are broke and homeless, no one even bats an eye. I mean maybe 2 or 3 out of hundreds to thousands of people would ask us if we was ok. We have slept in the woods for a few days and woke up with it raining and storming so we would have to run down to the MacDonald's to stay dry and take shelter. Well anyways we have been homeless for 2 months and a few days now. I'm not the begging type at all but our kids are staying with my mother until we can get back on our feet and we miss them so much but we know it's for the best right now. Shelters around here have waiting lists which in complete honesty is freaking ridiculous. We have tried everything so now I'm trying this just to see if there is still any people with compassion in this world anymore. So I'm only asking for this help to put our family back together. I never expect anything from anyone because I've been told no so much. It hurts me but it hurts my wife the most because she misses her babies so bad. Her anxiety has gotten so much worse since we had to let the kids stay with momma. It pains me to see her in so much misery. Anyways I know this is long but please if you can help us then please do. I have a PayPal account that you can send money to if you decide to help. PayPal​ email if you can help is if all you can offer is prayer then that's awesome because prayer works miracles. Please though if you are led to give even if it is just $1. It helps. I hope someone can help and I feel like such a failure and a beggar which is what I'm doing. But we need the help bad. Our babies miss us and we miss them. So if you help then we appreciate you so much. Thank you so much and have a blessed day. 

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