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Hi! I'm Surku, the sassiest sausage you'll ever see! My mummy was petting me when she found some lumps on my belly, which turned out to be breast cancer. Now I only have 7 boobies left and my mummy really needs your help to pay for my surgery!

Surku... my little brown lightning, warm steamy pretzel, hairy sausage, smelly cuddle partner, bundle of love... my baby! She is the most loyal sausage sidekick I could have imagined, and we have spent almost seven joyous years together! Our story began in Helsinki when she was just a tiny little pup and I was a confused art school graduate. The love was instant and it now feels like I only really started living after we met. We moved to Berlin, which is the most dog friendly city I've known. It's here that we really established ourselves as an unsepparable duo. Here we can live with loving friends in a big apartment where Surku can run around like crazy, she especially likes to chase tennis balls down the long corridor. She came to university with me every day for years, and was loved and cuddled by all the students and the professors alike. And she of course graduated with a degree in photography (so did I). We do everything together... discover the big city on foot, run around in parks, chasing birds and stealing soccer balls from teenage boys, go on camping trips by the many lakes, work at the vintage store, take photos, play with friends, travel around Europe and fall asleep snoring in a warm puddle of cuddles at the end of every long day. She is my shadow, and I am hers. She is my heart.

A few weeks ago I was cuddling and petting her with a friend when we came upon two lumps on her belly. I felt my chest tighten with fear. Several visits to the vet followed, and it was confirmed that the sample taken from the larger tumour, on her last breast, indeed did show signs of cancerous cells. I cannot tell you how much that frightened me. I didn't want my baby to go through having cancer, and I could not imagine losing her. After this everything went very fast, and only a few days later Surku was in surgery. The vet removed the tumour as well as the surrounding breat tissue. The scar was far bigger than I had expected, and Surku was extremely confused and frail for the days that followed. We spent them cuddled in bed, as I tried to ease her pain and to give her all the love and healing energy I could. Thankfully the surgery itself went really well, the scar has been healing really nicely and Surku is more and more herself every day. Yesterday we had our first real walk in the park again, and she was so so so excited to play with sticks and leaves and just couldn't contain herself! Woof woof woof! I'm so alive and life is so amazing!

I've always appreciated every moment I'm able to spend with her, but I think that will be amplified to the max after this scary encounter with mutating cells. We are now still waiting for the pathologist to examine her tumour in order to determine whether it could be malignant. It's nerve wracking but I'm very optimistic and prepared to fight for Surku's health, no matter what it takes! As I listen to her snoring quietly in her bed, I know everything will be OK.

This is why I've created this fundraising page. Unfortunately all of this happened so fast, and the past weeks have been so stressful,  that there has been no way for me to save up money to pay for her medical procedures. Nor am I able to cover them by myself on a whim as I am dependent on government income subsidy. For this reason I would be thankful beyond belief (!!!) for any and all support you might give towards Surku's cancer fund! I know she has so many fans, friends and family out there, who love her almost as much as she loves you back! She sends you all the smelly wet kisses and wiggly snuggles of your dreams as a sign of her gratitude! And her mummy does too! Thank you so much for your help!!

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