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Akita has just turned 15 years old. From Oct 29/13 to April 2/14 Akita spent 5 months in Children's Hospital in Vancouver fighting (AML) “Leukemia”. Her Mama, Cynthia, slept on a bed in Akita's hospital room for the entire 5 months (with only short visits to their home/farm in Abbotsford). Akita is now in remission, with visits every 3 months to the BC Children’s Hospital Oncology follow up clinic. She has been re-immunized and is ready to hit the ground running.

Akita's family moved to their farm almost 3 years ago and inherited a bunch of unfixed feral/semi-feral/barn cats. The first year that they lived there, Akita noticed that the cats often fought quite viciously with each other and with other wildlife (ie: raccoons, weasels, mink, coyotes and even the occasional cougar). After watching one or two “barn cats” go missing or get pregnant; one of the tamer feral cats got pregnant. Akita and Mama took her in the house to have her 5 babies and ended up keeping two of the babies and the mama. Fixing and adopting out the other 3 kittens. The next year, another feral cat ended up having a litter of kittens and dumped them at Akita's back door. Akita tried to bottle feed the two kittens that survived, but to no avail. Unfortunately they passed away.

When Akita noticed that "Bengalli" (the same feral female) was pregnant for the third time in a year, Akita decided to catch her. She left a bowl of food at the back door with the back door open. "Bengalli" eventually came into the house to eat the food. Akita then closed the door, and had quite an adventure herding “Bengalli” into the spare room. Needless to say, Akita eventually succeeded. "Bengalli" had her 6 kittens on June 11/14 and Akita did a wonderful job of taking care of them. They were spayed/neutered, dewormed, and given their first booster shot before going to their new furever homes. Most went to homes singly, but the last two girls went to a home in Hope together.

Since Akita’s release from the hospital, she has been involved in the trap & neuter/spay of no less that 5 male cats and 2 females. She performed a rescue of a lost cat at the Walmart parking lot at night in Chilliwack (then delivered him to a very thankful older man in Hope). She has witnessed the birth of, cared for & adopted out 2 litters of feral kittens (Violet’s 5 Kittens) and (Bengalli’s 6 Tea Kittens). She has fostered, had neutered and re-homed two 8 month old brother cats (Aiden and Marcus were ReHomed together, now named Perseus and Hercules).

Just recently, Akita helped a woman re-home her beautiful 1 & 1/2 year old cat after of course having him vet checked, neutered and immunized. Miles Davis (aka: Garrish) is now named Mr. Beau Jingles, and is living in his new furever home.

Last Thursday a cat that kinda lives on our front porch showed up late for breakfast, the unusual part was not that he was late; it was that he was drooling blood and gurgling with each raspy breath. Akita and Mama rushed him off to the Murrayville Animal Clinic where Dr. G. once again pulled off a miracle. JellyBelly’s jaw was broken in half and he had missing and broken teeth. (For the full story ... check out our facebook page).

Akita's ongoing goal is to continue with the Trap/Neuter and Release (or ReHome) of the feral and semi-feral cats in her country neighborhood. She has spoken with her neighbours and they are agreeable to help control the growing cat population in their area. Because they live in the countryside, many cats/kittens are also dropped off in their area on a regular basis. Instead of all of these cats reproducing, Akita, wants to catch them, spay or neuter them, give them any medical attention that they need, and then return them to their farms or ReHome them - the TNR program. If there are any pregnant mom cats (or Queens) around, Akita plans on taking them into her home so they can have a safe and healthy environment to have their kittens in.

Akita also hopes to continue providing medical care, immunizations, spay and neutering for cats following any rescue or rehoming efforts.

Akita and her family don't have the money to do this all on their own, so we have set up a Fundraiser for them. The Trap Neuter Release program is truly a community effort, so any help would be much appreciated. Here are two of the ways that you can help.

Click on contribute and send us a monitory contribution; Every little bit helps.

Send Positive Thoughts, Vibes and Prayers for Akita’s continued healing so that she can continue her work with these animals.

Thanks in advance!

Akita and Mama

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