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We are from Romania, a family of two: my son Stefan-Adebayo and I, a single mom from day 7 when daddy left us in the hospital and went back to his country, Nigeria. Our story begins that day when a doctor from Bucharest (in our home city was not correctly diagnosed) told us he contacted MRSA at his birth (sad and stupid at the same time); God, took us there to save him from sure death (at our local hospital, the doctor sent us home rest assured the baby is fine) was a miracle; at first I did not know how serious this is, as the doctor did not explained too much and I had no idea what MRSA is all about. Rest assured the baby is completely healed, after 7 days hospitalization, we went back to our home city. For 8 month I was breast feeding him, there were no major problems which proves once again how important is for a child to get milk from his mom...The first hospitalization in our home city begun at 8 month old and it didn't worried me too much as I thought this is normal in the development of a child...but to cut this short, ever since then Stefan got sick every month and often we ended up in the hospital, where the conditions are horrible, most time I had to buy medication and medical stuff though it suppose to be free as I monthly contributed during my 10 years of legal work in my country...but most important no doctor had interest to sick after the real problem of my son's health. And so, he was given antibiotics every month not knowing he actually has MRSA; this was discovered accidently or not (after I gave up to doctors help and ask God's help instead)...I kept all his medical history since day one! I started to study and take samples which I thought would be right to find a diagnose...all symptoms headed to MRSA and I remembered about our first experience in the hospital 7 days after birth...with the results I've got from samples (in the hospital, they were only doing common tests and never counted my opinion or suggestion) took in private laboratory on my expense and at my demand, I have the prove of MRSA present in his nose (common at 30% of world population), through and blisters. I found out why he was getting sick so often, he was given antibiotics that actually helped the bacteria to colonize...and I was in the dark for so long; since July 2013 I refused to stay in the hospital or to give him any shots at all even if the doctors were saying he can make septicemia without antibiotics; I discovered Manuka Honey and started to give him daily (it was not easy for me to find a company that sells the real thing and to pay a large amount of money for our budget). But God guided me all the steps, if I would only asked for His help first and not trust doctors so much...better later than never! The reason I ask for your help now, is that I am not able to work (though I tried some things as a work from home mom) as I have to care for my son until his complete healing and his immune system is strong enough. Every attempt of taking him to a daycare ended up with weeks of illnesses and sometimes had no choice but to give him antibiotics but at least, NO shots; now we are seeing a homeopath doctor and last two episodes were healed this, no antibiotics; she advice me to take him to the Sea but for now...I had no way; most money I spent on doctors and medication. For 4 years we did not go almost anywhere except hospital "vacation", I now know who "my friends" are...not to many left :) I thank God and people He sent to help and support me in any way, I thank Him for opening my eyes and guided me towords Stefan's steps for healing and I thank you for reading so far...if in any way you can assist me in this fight (even with an advice or a good word or Manuka Honey UMF20+) I appreciate...I will know there are people in this world who care first and judge less. I know there are cases more desperate than mine, people who suffer much more and this is the reason I will not feel offended in any way if no amount of money will be raised through this was by accident I run into it anyway and decided to give it a try...this is just a short story and presented "on run" while my son is sleeping :) so, please pardon my English writing&mistakes or if I offended you in any way by making you read this...God bless us all (we really need it)!

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By publishing details gradually I want to make people realize how serious MRSA is and how it can affect a person (especially a child) if not discovered on time and treated correctly. This is trying to be at least a "wake up call, " for people and medical stuff! I know this kind of story would have helped me to understand a lot, to save my child from pain caused by so many needlessly injections and also save large amount of money not to end up in the situation I am I hope people will take it as a "study case" even if they contribute or not!

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