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Friends of Larnaca Cats feed and take care of around 400 cats and kittens in our shelter in Alethriko, as well as other colonies around Larnaca. Over the last couple of months we have had a number of very sick cats that have needed care from our vets. So many cats have been treated for pneumonia, flu and diarrohea, that we have not been able to keep up with the vets bills, even though they help us greatly. 
Here are examples of the cases that we are responsible for.
One cat with eye problems and very bad gingivitis has had to stay in the vet's clinic for almost a month. She needed an operation to remove bad teeth. Another kitten with a broken jaw spent a week on the same vet's clinic. I think 5 other cats have needed bad and painful teeth removing.
A kitten was taken in from another rescue by one of our foster parents. Even though the foster mum operated an isolation procedure for the kitten, it needed several days intensive care at the vet's and died, but not before it had passed it's unrecognised airborne virus on to four other kittens that the foster mum was caring for. Sadly one of those four kittens required a week's intensive care at her vet, plus tests for FIV/FELV, Coronavirus, Calicivirus and Giardia (all of which were negative) before it died. We are awaiting results of an autopsy. The foster mum was not at fault in any way, She did everything correctly. 
Stomatitis/Gingivitis seems to be a big problem this year. I think four cats and one kitten have had infected mouths that needed teeth removing and treatment for lesions in the mouth. Some of these cats needed blood tests to help with the diagnosis.
A kitten was found collapsed in the gutter this week, covered in maggots. It was thought that it had been hit by a car. It took two vets over an hour to remove all the maggots.
Another cat was taken to the vets and a bone was removed from her mouth. She was dehydrated and malnourished and required several days on a drip to get her eating again.
We have had two kittens and one cat with very bad broken back legs that needed treatment at the vets. All of which came into our care as emergency cases.
We have had one case of feline Asthma diagnosed and treated, Three cases of kidney and or liver failure due to FIV were diagnosed after tests and blood analysis, and three cases of Haemobartonella.
Lastly, four cats dumped in our sanctuary were let loose with chest and breathing problems. The person who dumped them had clearly not taken them to the vet or done anything about their sickness.  We are expected to take care of cats like these and also the cats living in our compound who were made sick too.
We need our vets for cases like those. We cannot refuse to treat a sick cat because we don't have the money. However they are all expensive to treat. All these cases add up and we now owe our vets an estimated €5000. Please help us to clear these debts by donating and sharing. Every Euro counts. Thank you very much 


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