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Sometimes when you help people, things do not always pan out the way you want them too.
Wrecker's owner was re-incarcerated due to a probation violation, so we agreed to watch him for a bit until a friend found him a safe place to go. Wrecker is almost 15, has arthritis and is very tricky with people when he doesn't feel well. The alternative to here was the town shelter, and based on how he is when his hips hurt he would have surely been euthanized.
Wrecker's owner has been released and had not returned any attempts to contact, so he officially our responsibility now.
We had him in a temporary set up, but now we need to make him a more permanent space. He is not good with other animals. A foster home is not ideal, as he needs to be an only pet and the person needs to be very savvy with pain aggression. Pain management is working but he does have bad days from time to time.

We need about 1800 in supplies to make this happen for Wrecker. He should not have to live out his remaining days in a room designed for training on seperation anxiety... that and... until we move him from that space we cannot take in a sepation anxiety case. His meds are about $200 a month between prescriptions, CBD, and supplements.

We are setting the goal for 3000 for his ongoing care and room set up.


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