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I’m Nabil Tayeh, and I was born and raised in Gaza City. One of civilization’s most ancient cities, the repository of five thousand years of Palestinian cultural history, it was (and always will be) my home and the place I love most dearly in the world. It was here, in Gaza, that I once hoped to raise a family of my own, to transmit to them something of the traditions of this place and my ancestors; even in my youth, when Gaza was already teeming with refugees driven out of Israel in the war of ’48, there was hope for this place. We are a resilient people, and to make for ourselves lives of beauty and meaning we needed nothing from the world but clean water and the freedom to walk from our homes to our schools and mosques without the threat of Israeli bombs.
We have no clean water. We have no freedom from Israeli bombs.
A little more than ten years ago the Israeli government, unhappy with we Gazans’ choice of elected government, imposed a harsh and vicious siege on us. Though Israel claims the purpose of this siege is to prevent our access to weapons, in fact the Israeli army prevents the entry into Gaza of eggs, toys, chocolates—any number of mundane commodities that mean little to you but for us mean being allowed the simple dignity of life. The engineers of this siege sabotage our water supply, our sewage systems, and they kill the men, women, and children who approach their border wall. Our water is unfit to drink; how long before Israel decides our air should be unfit to breathe?
My family and I—myself, Nabil, my wife, Amany, my children, Lamar and Tala, have only one chance at a decent life. From the Rafah border it might be possible for us to travel to Turkey, and sojourn there until the Israeli siege on Gaza ends and we can return to live freely as Palestinians in our land. This is only possible through outside financial support—in Gaza, there are no opportunities for us. I need only 3700$ to take my family from bondage to freedom. Please donate. May the peace and blessings of Allah—or Yahweh, or Jesus—be upon you.


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