Dagney's Family Dumped Him When He Needed Them...
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We've seen a lot of things over the years, but never have we seen a sick puppy brought to the shelter to be euthanized with his medicine and have his "family" run out the door while the dog was being examined....

We got a call about a "sick puppy" with a "gland problem" and when we heard his story and saw the photos of the meds that he was surrendered with, our hearts broke and we raced to get him.

We found the little boy we have named Dagney with the right side of his face swollen, emaciated, and shaking in terror and heartbreak. We got him to LeadER Animal Hospital where he is being examined with multiple tests run to try and figure out what is wrong with him.

Our hearts break at his condition and our hearts break even more that someone could hand over a sick puppy to be euthanized, so soon before the New Year, and just turn and walk away like they were dropping off trash.

We hope that Karma has got its engines running as we turn this final corner of 2017 and hope that you, our incredible community, has one last big push in you to provide Dagney the love and care he needs and to show him that there are more wonderful people in this world than the morally bankrupt ones who dumped him to die.....

You are the good that shines out the bad, you are the love that overshadows the hate, the givers of hope when there was none, will you help us make one last miracle in 2017 for Dagney?

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