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Help K!mmortal Record Her Next Album!
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Since the release of her last album, Sincerity (2014), Kimmortal has grown so much and created a new body of work. Her goal is to record the new songs, create gripping visuals, and give the world her freshest most ambitious project

Hello my good people!

My name is Kim aka Kimmortal. I am fully convicted when I introduce myself as an artist. I use the medium of music to show the world my inner universe. Music is in such a dope place right now because so many musicians are thinking outside the box when pushing their message out. Many have made me realize that I can bring all my artistic passions INTO my music through drawing, writing, activism, acting, beat-making, etc. 


My next project is ambitious. I want to: release a full album, make 2 professional music videos, have live projections in my live shows, and go on tour with the album. --- I'm very proud to hold this crazy dream but it gets overwhelming when i remember the money involved in this. 



It's been 3 years since i've released an album. For the past 2 years, I have performed everything but stuff from that album. the last album was guitar based and with a cinematic orchestra, something that wasn't realistic to bring to different stages, so i've taught myself how to make beats since then and how to be compact with mys et up. My new stuff has been performed from house-shows to festival stages from Toronto, and Montreal, to the Yukon, Oakland, and Vancouver. The TRUTH is, my next album has BEEN ready but i've been pushing studio times back further cos my money bag's not equipped. 


About getting a "real" job:

Pursuing a career in art alone is crazy to many but from my experience, I choose to pursue art/music full time because I need to be 100% present for my art and music to be cultivated. I have ignored this calling lots and tried to do many 9-5 jobs but my spirit + body actually dies and I can't thrive in this schedule. I juggle a lot of gig jobs to sustain myself proper (i much prefer this) but i usually don't make enough to cover my music fees. 


Debunking the idea of art as merely hobby:

I pursue music as resistance and upliftment. This is creative expression as battle cry and as life affirmation. I know there is a need for healing in the communities around me and I believe the creative energy i have can contribute to that motion.

With the existence of the white capitalist patriarchal supremacist powers that be, creative emotional spiritual labour is irrelevant and invisible work. It is feminized, it is browned up, it is outsourced, it is undervalued, overlooked and and rarely invested in.. There is a lack of compassion that comes from the belief in art's radical potentials. This is why my friends who "pursue their artistic dreams" don't have health benefits, a consistent roof, or desired stability. This is why many forfeit and peace out of the fact that art burnt them out. If our world valued the labour of artists, a lot of us wouldn't be scraping leftovers. I have my privileges, one being the fact that I can call on an online community for support. I am also  learning to dismiss the idea that artists have no support by believing in the love around me, looking for grants, patching grassroots initiatives, throwing shows, educating myself, doing what i can.

All in all, this is not merely hobby. I'm a hustler in my art and music because I see there's a need. I walk aroud the world in my body, a brown lil asian femme queerdo boo, settler on unceded Coast salish land, blood ancestry tracing back to a land i am disconnected from and i feel the pain. I am very sensitive to it all. I see the need for healing to come to the people via the arts. That's the kinda work I wanna do and support till i die.

I believe my music/art can contribute that unheard voice. The music and art i consume is what keeps me up, some of the work i consume is by queer people or women of colour artists but a lot of it isn't. This is the gap that i want to fill. i am not "the one", i just believe i got something to give. If anything, there needs to be more of us raising consciousness and filling the visual world and sonic waves with our beautiful minds, so here I am. I really believe in myself but need that tangible stuff called money to make this thing work.



I'm interested in writing love songs in relation to queerness, healing, ancestry, fam, mental health, intergenerational trauma, fluidity, gender and sexuality.. ... There's a consistent thread throughout all the songs of queerness, water, longing and resistance. 

I consider my activism and my music/art to go hand in hand. My intention is to stir, activate, disrupt, pump up, calm, affirm, stand with, hold, cry with, and inspire others through this next album.



Making quality music in terms of recording and video production is very expensive for one person to handle. I have been working hard making what I can to cover the $3000 to record the full album and the $3000 for media production and the marketing of the album. 

Producer and Engineer:David Tallarico at The BeatCave

Instrumentation: by my friends on the bass, keyboard, vibes, rain-stick (Kathara)

Photography & Music Video Production Crew:CMYK Productions and Bad/Good Media

I will start recording in May and June and cross my fingers will hopefully have the album out a few months after then.



Please support me by contributing:

- any dollar amount! 

- sharing my campaign with all networks possible


I thank you for reading this far and for believing in me.




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original kimmortal drawing
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8x11 original line drawing by kimmortal
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kimmortal lines 2
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- Kimmortal's newest zine
- An original line drawing 8x11
- 3 illustrated kimmortal postcards
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Kimmortal Portal T-SHIRT
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My newest design called Kimmortal Portal on a black or white t-shirt.
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Art, Unreleased track & Original Screenprinted Bag
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- 8x11 original line drawing
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- newest zine
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- Original Screenprinted Totebag by kimmortal
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Feelin myself package
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$250 CAD
Kimmortal Original Beat OR Verse
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Kimmortal will either
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- write a verse for your project.

Give her a description of the vibe you're looking for, a deadline, and you got it.
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Kimmortal will surround sound your home/house party with her new music. (limited to BC region, unless you wanna pay for my flight, let's talk boo)
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