Hair Loss: When Falling Hair Becomes Too Much
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Do you wonder what the real cause of hair loss is? Are you afraid because every time you wake up in the morning, you see strands of your hair on the pillow? If you brush your hair, some of your hair strands fall. When you take a bath, you can also see strands of your hair on the bathroom floor.

A person can shed at least 200 to 300 strands of hair daily. It is a normal body condition to have such number of hair falls. However, there is a situation wherein hair fall becomes abnormal. This condition is called hair loss.

There are some types of hair lossand why some people have it. According to medical professionals, there are at least five potent explanations of hair loss. So, if you are experiencing hair fall right now, below are the following reasons why you have this condition.

· Hormonal Changes

· Presence of medical conditions

· Undergoing therapies and medications

· Excessive hairdressing

· Lack of hair nutrients

Hair loss is the excessive falling hair. It becomes abnormal when the number of hair strands you lose exceeds the average rate of hair fall. Individuals with this condition have a great possibility to turn bald or have patch balding. There are certain kinds of hair loss condition which can be both minor and chronic illness. To help you understand, here are the top three common types of hair loss.

1. Pattern baldness

This kind of hair loss is typical in both aging men and women. The thinning of the hair starts around the crown and temples. It can cause baldness when it goes severe. Pattern baldness in men is caused by genes while hormonal changes are the reason for baldness among women.

2. Alopecia areata

If you have noticeable patches of baldness not larger than a coin, you might have alopecia areata. Although this type of hair loss is common to young adults, it can happen to any ages. This condition is largely due to a problem in the immune system of the body.

3. Anagen Effluvium

A widespread hair loss affects hair in different parts of the body. The cause of the hair fall is due to cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy. These treatments use a special type of drugs which triggers the hair loss. An ideal means of reducing anagen effluvium is to wear a special cap that can keep the scalp cool.

Now, if you experience other hair problem aside from hair loss, then you must be having damaged hair or an ingrown hair . However, this can be treated with hair care products which can prevent your hair from getting further damage.

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