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Stop Penalising Australian Smokers - Cut The Tax!
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Hi, my name's Steve and I'm a tobacco smoker of over 30 years based in Melbourne, Australia. In case you're wondering, my health is fine too.

What isn't fine is the attack on smokers initiated by the Labor government in 2010 that has seen a massive rise in the cost of cigarettes as well as a subtle demonisation of smokers.

This has been carried on by successive governments and continues today. It will keep continuing until it's made to stop.

Ironically, for an issue that affects 3-4 million Australian smokers and their families no case studies have been carried out on the effects the sharp rise in tobacco excise has had on the community, especially those in the lower socio economic bracket.

What we have seen is increasing violent criminal behaviour (tobacco robbery), the public at more risk (store owners and customers), the lower socio economic demographic discriminated against ($30 to someone earning 40k has a larger impact to $30 for someone on 120k) and law abiding citizens turned into criminals (as they source illegal tobacco).

Besides looking at the social ramifications of the tax we are seeking a sizable reduction in the tax. We would propose an excise level proportional to what it costs to treat tobacco related illness. That would be fair.

At present the cost to treat smoking related illnesses in Australia is 800 million dollars p/a while the tax on cigarettes is raising over 8 billion dollars p/a. This is an obscene money grab and an attack by a government on 1 in 5 Australians who smoke. It's also financial and social discrimination.

Investigating the government excise and its impact may become a legal issue so we will need to engage lawyers in that event. To carry out a case study will cost money.

All monies raised will be put to these purposes. The more we raise, the more effective we can be returning the tobacco excise to a level proportional to the cost of treating the damage smoking causes some of it participants.


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