Abram Loeb 4 President 2020 #MakeAmericaLoveAgain - 4 the next Seven Generations
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A Green Progressive Independent for President. Life long advocate for our Mother Earth and the next Seven Generations, running to shift the paradigm to the LEFT, and RIGHT the wrongs of our past. Red and Blue form purple and we are ALL ONE CIRCLE, return the power to the people for we ALL are Equal.  

 Born in Manhattan and raised in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, where he currently makes his home in rural Chenango County, Abram's activism is driven by his native spiritual values on a path he has walked since age 11, and which has given him a true vision for change in our world.

  Abram has dedicated his life to serving the people and protecting our mother earth for the next seven generations.  He has served on the frontlines in many of our battles to stop nuclear waste dumps, fracking, pipelines through Indigenous People's homelands(Standing Rock), to stop illegal and unjustified war,  with Black Lives Matter and with the Native Rights movement in our ongoing struggle for equality and social justice.  He has stood with the women of this nation as well, working for pay equity and other working women's issues.   

As this is a completely grassroots campaign, and will NEVER accept any corporate backing, I am asking you to give a small contribution to help kickoff our campaign, fund our advertising so that we may reach the large percentage of the population that don't vote.  That we can use social media to share and make this campaign go viral... #NotMeUS   That together we can cut past the Corporate MSM censorship and create a powerful movement for change that will make our collective voice heard....  Please Help in whatever way you are able.   Thank You. Together WE CAN create a new paradigm.
While we Berned it up, we set the world on fire, caught up in righteous anger, love and compassion our only desire,
But anger we used to light the fuse, for stealing our energy, karmic abuse. And caused three great fires, one still coming soon, just watch the Stars, Planets, and the phase of the moon.

Which wolf do you feed, matters not at all, you have just witnessed, Faux Democracy's Fall, for there is only one master, one corporate beast, ruling over false paradigm from the west to the east,
A Sandman brought you a very nice dream, but absent a backbone, things are NOT what they seem. A bone allows the marrow to flow through for tomorrow, a heart blocked from love, attack, then the sorrow.
So awake from this nightmare, orange jester your King, tRump the Last President, yeah, time travel, Tesla, that's a real thing.
Rise up, Wake up, to the time that we're in, Prison Planet USA, Colonizers great sin. You can die in this place, dystopian hell, or rise and mend the circle, come drink from thy well.
Create a new one with me, where we all stand as One, with enough spirit together we'll find we've ALL Won. Stay free of Fear, Hearts filled with love from the start, third party my friends, a www.FrackFreeParty.org
Separation of church and state, were only a mask, while a darker force, devoid of spirit, ruled over this land, so let's go back to the heart and spirit of Her earth, Indigenous, in balance, every woman and man...
Yes time to honor the true people of this land once again, hoop mends, all heal, Father of Many, still a Sun, send tunkasila to Washington, we all will have won.
#MMIW #EndFossilFuels #LeaveItInTheGround #MedicareForAll #UBI #FJG #CommunityISM #EndAllWar #GiveItBack #WeAreAllOne #HonorTheTreaties #HomeForEveryone. #OurRevolution #LivingWage #LiveSimply #AllLifeIsSacred #ProPersonalBodilySovereignty #LegalizeIt #ProChoice #ShutDownTheNukes #EndMonsanto #End5G #EndBigPharma #EndBigAgro #EndTheFed #TaxTheRich
www.TurtleIsland.Rocks www.SeventhGeneration.Rocks
LOVE is the most powerful weapon of all... Remember, only light, Truth, love can transform darkness... And right now Fear abounds. If we are angry, we add to the DIE Vision... Our vision is grounded in Mother Earth's LOVE, Protection of the LIGHT of Our father Sun, and Striking TRUTH of Lightning with the voice of the Thunder.... Our vision is for ALL... #MakeAmericaLoveAgain


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