Taquito Lost His Legs and His Family
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We have not been able to catch our breath for hardly a moment since January and it appears that this week is going to be like all the others.  We thought we had a moment to breathe after helping Keena and Yetta this week and then a note arrived in our DM's about a chi-weenie that had gone down, someone that knew us reached out,  and if we could not help, the family was going to euthanize. 

It is very difficult to describe what that kind of question being posed to you evokes and that your decision - literally - is the life or death of that animal.  Full dachshund?  No. Part dachshund? Yes. Would anyone know if we said no?  No.  Do we have the funding to cover an IVDD surgery if we can't raise all the funding? Not really. Does he deserve a chance? Yes - and that is the only question that matters.  We would rather go broke doing the right thing. So that is what we did.

Taquito was surrendered to Southeast Veterinary Neurology where he will be under the care of Dr. Wong, who is Taquito's best chance to have a 2nd chance.  

We hope you agree that giving Taquito a chance was the right answer (the only answer in our minds) and so, we are back on the hook for another $4,000 for an IVDD surgery.  We have over 200,000 followers and if everyone gave even $1, Taquito would be funded in no time.  All it it takes is $1 to be the force of kindness and compassion we all want to see in the world  Do you have a dollar to help us help Taquito?

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