Polo Was Surrendered To The Vet With Horrible Injuries That Had Been Untreated
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We don't know what Polo's life was like before he was surrendered to a local shelter, but it could possibly be the best thing that ever happened to him.

This sweet little boy is 7 years old, weights all of 4 pounds and was surrendered for "difficulty breathing, could possibly be in heart failure.  He also has a hind limb deformity."  The Pambulance hit the road to get Polo and we brought him straight to LeadER.

A checkup revealed that little Polo was suffering from bronchitis and the "back leg deformity" was a SERIES Of breaks that were not treated and allowed to "heal" and fuse his leg.  Someone, somewhere broke Polo's leg and did noting about it so now he will need extensive orthopedic care IF we can fix it.

Polo will have a surgical consult to determine what the best case of action is for his leg, and in the mean time, he is hanging out in an oxygen chamber to help support his lungs until he is stable enough for surgery.

We can't imagine the pain that Polo has endured and we can only hope that Karma is going to be gunning for the people who did this to him.  We have promised this tiny little man that his worst days are behind him and we will do everything we can to help him.  To keep that promise to Polo, we need your help and even $1 will earn you a seat on the team of the hardest working and most compassionate community in rescue.  Your gift will help us help two dogs...Polo and then to be able to be there for the one we know is right around the corner.  


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