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We are so excited to participate in this Charity Challenge!! We are the doctors and staff of Emerald Park Eye Care (EPEC) and we are committed to caring for the eye health of those in the community. We are especially excited to raise money for Optometry Giving Sight and expanding our reach to less-fortunate people around the world. And, we are SO EXCITED to raise funds in this format - we love games and challenges!!!

Optometry Giving Sight is a charity that provides eye exams and glasses for people who do not otherwise have access to care. Their slogan is "transforming lives through the gift of vision" - and we can't think of a more worthy cause!  Each year we participate in their fundraising campaign in October (Vision Health Month), and thought that this year we would enhance our efforts and do some early fundraising in August as well!

We are lucky enough to see every day what a difference eye exams and glasses can make for our patients, and being able to spread this privilege throughout the world is truly a gift. Imagine a world without glasses - many children and adults throughout the world don't have to imagine it as it is their reality. The funds raised by this charity truly make a difference.

Please donate to our EPEC team and this very worthy cause!



Charity Championship 2019

Presented by Casinos Regina and Moose Jaw

Casinos Regina and Moose Jaw are passionate about giving back to the communities in which we operate. By hosting Charity Championship, the casinos support numerous charities and non-profits through financial donations and bring people together for fun and fundraising with the aim to build a better community for our friends, family and future.

Sign Up for Free Today!

Sign up for free* today and compete against other charity crusaders to be the champions of your charity! 

On August 16th, you and three friends can participate in a fun and thrilling competition hosted by Bloodhound Games. The event features scavenger hunts, puzzles and fun team challenges.

*No upfront fees are required at sign up. In order to participate all you have to do is fundraise a minimum of $100 (via your FundRazr campaign page) before August 9th OR if you pay the $100 today you will be guaranteed your spot instantly AND be entered to win four tickets to the SK Roughrider Labour Day Classic game.

The Game:

The game itself is approximately two hours in length and will take you (on foot) to various locations within the downtown area. The game involves a series of team challenges, including problem solving, puzzles and gathering of items in a specified time frame. Teams are awarded points based on the manner and time in which each challenge is completed. At the end of the hunt, points are tallied (including any point multipliers, see next section); results are announced and all winners receive prizes!


Click here to see Charity Championship promotional video --> 

Ask Your Friends for Help!

Here’s where the help of our friends comes in! The more money you raise, the more advantages you will receive in the game. In this case it is a point-based multiplier determined by the amount of funds raised on your FundRazr page. Not only that, your team can earn bonus points just by simply wearing a team costume on the day of the event. To earn extra points, see the Incentive Table below:

Incentive Table:

Incentive Table *Please refer to “Refer a Team Terms & Conditions.”


Upon completion of the game, team points will be tallied and the corresponding point multiplier and bonus points will be applied.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Once all point totals have been finalized an awards presentation will take place after the competition at the Casino Regina Show Lounge. There will be music, drinks and free food while you await the results.

Competition Prizes

Prizes will go to the top four teams that accumulated the most points (including the bonus points) and will be given to the team’s charity of choice. The team cash will go to the team members themselves.

Prize Table

Prize Table


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