The Shelter Made Adams Unadoptable....
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It is bad enough for a stray on the streets to be picked up and brought to the shelter.  Even if a dog is not injured on arrival, there are tragically a host of things that can make a dogs chances even slimmer of being adopted, and sweet Adams fell victim to one of those things.

The shelter environment is like kids in a daycare...everyone has something communicable, and almost all the dogs that come to the shelter have a compromised immune system due to poor nutrition, stress, existing illness, stress, and once they get into the shelter, their chances of contracting something that a dog in a home could fight off is significantly heightened.

Adams found himself in the shelter this week.  The 5 days allocated to find a home or face euthanization is bad enough, but then Adams contracted pneumonia (developed from untreated kennel cough) and his 5 days dropped to "Urgent Medical Rescue" or else....

That was all we needed to hear, the hold was placed, transport was organized, and Adams made his way to LeadER Animal Special Hospital where he was placed in Isolation, and started treatment for Pneumonia.

This is our second big ticket need this week, but when we saw his shelter picture of this little boy, all alone, tied to a wall and now facing euthanasia, we were in the car to get him.

You have done so much for us this week already in helping Spooky and hope you have some love left to help us help Adams, who needs us every bit as much as Spooky did.  As always, even $1 gets us closer to our goal, and even if you are not able to donate, we still invite you to leave a comment as the more comments we have, the more people see our posts!!!

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