Dolly's Dad Died and Her Surgery Went Wrong
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Sometimes, the universe seems stacked against a dog and they just can't catch a break....Dolly is one of those little girls.

Dolly was one of a senior pair whose beloved Dad died, and as we see so often, nobody in the family was willing to step up for her or her sister Holly so even though they were all the way up in Orlando, we made room at the inn to bring both of them in.

A transport was organized and multiple people gave up parts of their weekend to bring these girls to start a new life.  All went well until they arrived at the vet and we saw Dolly's neck which was, for lack of a more professional medical term..."a hot mess".

It seems that at some point, in the not too distant past, Dolly had a cancerous tumor removed form her neck and for some reason we don't even understand, not only did the person who did the surgery not get anything close to good margins, the suture work on the back end leaves a bit to be desired.

Dolly was transported to Dr. Bruce's animal hospital where Dr. Bruce will get a plan together of how to best move forward on treating the situation that Dolly was left with....the mass was not fully removed and is still a threat to her health, but we can't go back in until more of the wound has healed.

We will monitor her, do what we can to topically treat what is there and then when the time is right, go back in and try and get better margins so that Dolly can have the best chance possible at the kind of life she deserves.

Will you help us help give her that chance?  As always, every single dollar counts toward the funding finish line and even if you are not able to donate at this time, we still invite you to leave a comment as that alone supports her as well as the more comments we have, the more people see our stories!! 

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