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I have decided this is the time I am going to make changes in my life. Getting outside in the fresh air again. Enjoying more time outside with my dogs and getting back into photography. Can we do this together? The Alinker will change my life!


I am 52 years old, live in Prince Edward Island (total pop. approx. 145,000).

I was diagnosed with MS in 2008 but I do believe it went back many years before that. I can no longer do some of the things that I love due to balance issues like ice skating, riding a bicycle, walk any distance at all and, as it happens to many people who are diagnosed with MS, I live on an extremely fixed income. 

I can only walk so far and then have to sit so I am hoping if I were blessed enough to have an Alinker that is would change my life in so many ways.  My first thought when I was watching the video was 'freedom'!!! 

Getting outside in the fresh air again and not being almost hermit-like, not leaving my house for days on end. Enjoying more time outside with my dogs and getting back into photography, a hobby that has been put on the shelf for a while now.

I have decided that 2018 is the 'Year of Barb'; ok it is me Barb but this is huge. I am changing the way I eat (in the past I have not succeeded so well but this time my mindset is totally different, I AM DOING IT) and I really want to change my level of activity & socializing. Not too much to expect, I think it is doable  :)  My absolute dream to help conquer the world is to have one of the best inventions to ever come alo ng, an Alinker!!!! Already changed the lives of so many and there are so many people out there waiting to have their lives changed. Invented by a lady named Barbara (coincidence? I think not, lol) Alink and what she has brought to the market is this fabulous walking bike in a striking colour that really looks cool :) I am so EXCITED!!! For someone like my self whose balance issues prohibit me from driving a conventional bicycle and with my MS I am not able to walk any distance before I have to stop and rest, the Alinker would be absolutely life changing...2018, I am changing my life <3

I am hoping if I were blessed enough to have an Alinker that is would change my life in so many ways.


Inclusion is something we achieve together.


What is the Alinker?

The Alinker is an exceptionally cool, three-wheeled walking bike for humans with mobility constraints. It’s not a medical device, it’s a lifestyle tool, designed to enable users to lead active and socially engaged lives — at eye level. More than a cool product, it’s a solution to a design challenge we all face together: how to create a more inclusive society, for all types of bodies.  

On the Alinker, users sit upright -- at eye level with standing companions. Weight is supported by the seat with no stress on the lower body, while handle bars provide additional support. Feet remain on the ground, keeping users stable and safe.

Who is the Alinker for?

The Alinker is for people who want to stay active, regardless of mobility challenges.

To operate and use the Alinker you must have the ability to:

  • walk to some degree
  • flex and extend your legs
  • bear weight on one leg briefly while getting on and off the Alinker
  • be consciously aware of your surroundings
  • be aware of your ability and limitations

About Crowdfunding

This crowdfunding campaign helps individuals purchase an Alinker with the help of family, friends, neighbours, coworkers and others in their social network. You can contribute using your credit card and help your friend reach their funding goal and acquire an Alinker. All the money is paid directly to Alinker Inventions Ltd, and your credit card is not charged unless the campaign goal is reached -- so there is no risk in making a contribution right away. Please contribute now and help your friend lead a life that is physically active and socially-engaged. Any amount helps!

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