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Due to severe, escalating medical issues which prevent me from working outside of my home, my sons--ages sixteen and eleven, our four cats, and I are on the brink of eviction, and the loss of my car to a title loan company is imminent.

I have a strong aversion to asking of others; hence my delay in formulating fundraiser.

Due to escalating medical issues, including, but not limited to ulcerative colitis, pancreatic deficiency, advanced fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, frequent migraines, severe sleep disorders, a wide array of connective tissue injuries, ongoing complications from past surgeries, and an upcoming hip surgery, along with homeschooling my youngest son, I am presently unable to work outside of my home.

Recently, I lost my work-from-home position, and despite intensive, continuous effort, I've yet to find another.

After this occurred, in October, I had to resort to taking a title loan in the amount of $3,600, the monthly interest payments for which are $495. This was a last resort, to preclude my two sons--ages sixteen and eleven--our four cats, and me from being evicted, and to cover all other expenses.

Without recurring income, despite my efforts, covering expenses for rent, bills, food, my monthly title loan interest payment, and more, has become untenable. Selling virtually everything of monetary value which I own has not sufficed.

Thus, my sons, our cats, and I find ourselves on the brink of eviction. Through words, the devastating consequences of this prospect cannot be quantified.

If fail to make my title loan payments by the sixteenth of each month, TitleMax will seize my car, which I purchased new, little more than a year and a half ago. To lose a perfectly good Subaru with fewer more than 15,000 miles over a $3,600 loan would be devastating, and without a vehicle, my family and I would be in dire straits.

Collectively, two friends owe me $1,800. However, they are also experiencing financial hardship, and are unable to reimburse me.

My sons and I are in grave peril and overwhelming distress, and any contributions to preclude impending catastrophe will be appreciated, beyond measure.

Presently, my family and I are a few days away from eviction proceedings, a week away from losing electrical service, and my title loan payment is due in four days. Also, for over almost a month, we have been without internet service, which, among other complications, makes it very difficult for my sons to complete schoolwork. And, our phone bills are due in a week.

Additionally, my eldest son--an incredibly gifted soccer player with a promising career ahead of him, is in his most crucial window for both development and exposure to university and professional coaches and scouts. He has garnered the attention of numerous division one universities, yet, to truly prove himself to their coaches, it entails attending training camps, for which there are fees. In the past nine years, he has attended all of the UNM elite camps, and this year, the winter camp is particularly important. He is a junior in high school, with only one season of high school soccer remaining, and two seasons of club soccer remaining. It is imperative that he attends this camp, while in his most crucial window. UNM believes in him, but he must do his part, and show up to camps to demonstrate his continuing development, and not merely rely upon the UNM coach to attend his games.

Recently, he received an unsolicited invitation from Fort Lewis college in Durango, Co, to attend a heavily scouted training camp. Fort Lewis is a good school, with a formidable division one team. Attending this camp entails both a fee, and travel expenses.

Since the age of eight, soccer has been his one love and passion. Words couldn't possibly overstate his talent, passion, ambition, and years of hard work. Soccer is not only his life, but also, his ticket to college. I am in no position to absorb costs of his college education, and provided that he is able to respond to these invitations, he is guaranteed a full scholarship.

Thus far, donations have enabled me to pay my past-due rent for December, and January's rent (just in the nick of time), cover our phone bills, and purchase some food. However, it is now February 7, and eviction, among other things, looms.

Making things even more difficult, over three weeks ago, I contracted influenza, and developed a secondary respiratory, sinus, and bronchial infection. Two weeks ago, I finally broke down and went to the er. However, despite antibiotics, my bronchitis, and sinus and ear infections are not subsidinv.

Two Fridays ago, in my weakened state, I fainted, struck my head on the corner of my desk, and sustained a concussion. I visited the er again, but the post-concussion symptoms persist.

Love, gratitude, and good energy sent to all

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