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I was raised by a mother who made me her priority at every step. Certainly, she had her own shortcomings, but in exposing those to me, she worked hard to ensure they would not become my shortcomings--except the ones I liked! Having been granted perspective that is so uniquely hers (and especially female insight), I was given a gift to see our world in its division and sameness across gender boundaries.

Like so many people in our world, I have experienced a range of trauma. Some are easy to identify though have and continue to be challenges for me to work with. But one thing has remained true. One thing has kept me striving and strong: my community of friends and family who encourage me to share. They have been my therapists, my healers.

Many groups of people across the world, including the US, do not create the space to share. Vulnerabilty is seen as weakness and incompetence. Even more critical, in some communities, violent actions such as rape are neither spoken about nor have any enforcement in a legal realm. Oppression is quiet and subdues generations of people. And trauma is passed down from one generation to the next.

Our goal is simple: empower people to become their own healers by listening to each other. Better listeners make better choices in working with each other even through conflict. Our trauma healing program, known as SETH (Safe Embrace Trauma Healing) provides tools and guidance to support this process. We work with activists and therapists in the US and internationally with partners aiding their local communities.

Every workshop we hold has costs. Locally, those costs go to pay for the spaces we rent for several days, basic amenities, and our facilitators. Internationally, we must afford accommodations, food, facilitators, and travel, which is not always as simple as paying for a flight, but can also involve overland for many hours. And throughout all of this are the materials we use to conduct training and the manuals we produce as continued guidance.

We fund all of this through donations.

In June, we'll be going to Uganda to work with two amazing non-profit partners. While some of the money we raise will help us fund some of that training, we also have two more, US-based trainings to support. So send us your dollars to support this movement!

The call for global healing is crying out from every corner of the planet. And now, more than ever we can no longer ignore it.

Global Gratitude Alliance is heeding the call - transforming cycles of intergenerational trauma into legacies of intergenerational healing through programs that provide mental health resources to the most vulnerable communities around the world.

We are building a new paradigm for trauma recovery, taking the power of healing solely out of the hands of mental health experts and placing it directly into the hands of the communities that most need to reclaim their inner healing strength and wisdom.

Your donation will help us fund training programs for teachers, caregivers, and social ativists - both globally and right here in the U.S. - helping people of color, immigrants, refugees, Muslims, LGBTQIA, and sexual violence survivors transform their pain into the power of healing and resilience.

Please stand with us. Let’s break the cycle of trauma and create a new story of healing - for ourselves and for the world.


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