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Meet Operation Love~

Twinnie, Nina, Freckles & Patty ~

From a War Torn country in Africa to the USA is the Mission.  They have survived such odds and now are headed towards Jordan to get their freedom ride.  It will take a few weeks to get to Jordan but their adventure has begun.  

"Born in the middle of May, these four little girls spent their first several weeks gaining strength from their Momma amidst the dirt piles and construction debris on our site. Momma is a newer addition to our site dogs, and she is not very trusting of humans. She did know that we wouldn’t hurt her, or her puppies, so she did her best to keep them gathered together and safe on our site. The area they were born in is known for snakes and scorpions so a few of us created playpen for them out of concrete blocks and wood pallets. Momma approved of the safe haven, and would come by to visit the pups as they continued to grow and wean off of Momma’s milk.  

We knew we couldn’t leave these adorable girls in the desert, where they would be left to fend for themselves and fight off other desert dog packs. We had fallen in love with them as we cared for them every day, making sure they had enough to eat, clean water, a clean playpen, and a snake and scorpion free environment. 
Patty, Freckles, Nina and Twinnie wriggled their way into our hearts and we set out on a mission to save them. With initial donations, we have set them off on their journey of crossing borders and getting on a big airplane to come to the United States. Our eyes welled up and we gave them lots of kisses and snuggles to wish them well.  We told them to be brave little girls and that we would see them again so soon!! It was truly heart wrenching to hear their little puppy cries as our new friend drove off with them to begin their journey home.  We need to raise additional funds to bring these sweet girls home so they can have a bright future. Can you help us!? "

All the puppies have families waiting for them.  


Thank You Men and Women for your service to our country. It is because of your dedication that we live in The Land of the Free, Because of the Brave. Paw Salute!

The Puppy Rescue Mission, Inc
"Soldiers Saving Puppies~Puppies Saving Soldiers"
Non Profit 501(c)(3) Organization

All donations are Tax Deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please use your paypal receipt as proof of donation. if you desire to have a year end receipt please send request to tax@thepuppyrescuemission.org
Checks can be mailed to:
The Puppy Rescue Mission
PO Box 1516
Celina, Texas 75009
Please note animal on the check.

If you have trouble donating with Paypal you can request an invoice from us by emailing info@puppyrescuemission.org
Then you can use your personal credit card to pay that invoice. Please include in your email the animals name and the amount you wish to donate
For all deployed military men and women that wish to rescue their battle buddy, please send an email to:

Please use the subject heading “Rescue Request".
All requests for rescues must go via this email address from your personal email.
Thank You!

The primary mission of Puppy Rescue Mission is to assist military men and women to bring home their companion animals they have bonded with while deployed on foreign soil.

~Watching Miracles Happen~

In the event that there are funds remaining from the donations for this animal and any of the animals, The Puppy Rescue Mission Board of Directors will use the excess funds where necessary.







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