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Help feeding senior cats and dogs in my No Killing Shelter.
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I'm Dipanwita Ridi. I am 32. Graduated in English literature and post graduated in fashion designing. Though I can't work as I have to take care of my 70+ shelter babies daily. I have been rescuing stray abandoned cats and dogs since I was little. It's been 20 years I'm doing this. General people of our country is not much educated about animal welfare and it's very common to find sick injured stray animals who need help.

Street dogs and cats get abused here always. They get beaten, killed, poisoned and kicked for fun. People cut their tail and ear, take out their eyes, throw hot water and stone at them. They get hanged and drowned in water while people laugh on it. Children learn it too and follow the elders.

we don't have any strong law implementation regarding animal cruelty. People get away with all types of animal cruelty specially with street animals as no owner is there to protect them. Moreover they taunt me and poke me when I feed strays or touch them. For them it's forbidden (Haram) and it's dirty thing to do . They think every stray has rabies and if they bite or scratch people will die. But I know it better and I can't ignore it when street animals often got injured by vehicles and they got left on street without any attention. Many of them die and most of them get paralyzed and live the rest of their lives like this. Children play with kittens and pups in cruel manner like they are toys and it's a normal thing to do here. Most people throw away their own pet's babies and only keep the mother. They don't want to do sterilization and every year they leave the babies in far places or streets. I try to take them as much as I can and give them for adoption when they are ready.

I have grown up in this scenario which is still going on. My only mission was to do something for the local strays who are mostly neglected here. People will buy foreign exotic breed cats and dogs spending lot of money but they don't want to give one piece bread to the local strays as they don't look "good" enough and dirty for them. I was and I still am trying to help them as it seems so much inhuman. I gave my whole house that I inherited for the stray dogs and cats. I registered this as a charity organization so that people won't give me trouble while working and named it Animal Lovers of Bangladesh (ALB Animal Shelter).

I have been running it on my personal expenses since I opened it but as local breeds specially senior cats and dogs don't get Adopted here easily the number is increasing. Even when people leave their old flat they leave the pet too while the pet lost their ability of scavenging outside and find food and shelter for themselves so I take them too if I get informed. Otherwise they would have died for sure. I take paralyzed blind cats and dogs those no one wants. But now it's getting hard for me to help them out alone.


What I basically do:
***Sheltering sick/ injured/ infants/ abandoned animals who need help unless further recovery/ adoption. If not get adopted they stay in shelter forever.

***Beside sheltering I Do small awareness programs in under facilitated areas like slum or rural areas using projector and PowerPoint presentation and leaflets/stickers/banners. My friends help me to do that. My main Target is children as they are more close to animals and more open to learning.

I want to do these programs more as our text books don't have any content regarding animal welfare and children lack general knowledge regarding this. I want to raise awareness among common people regarding animal welfare and cruelty so that the ratio of superstition and misconduct between animals and humans will decrease.

I also try to take steps to prevent animal abuse on spot whenever it needs. People don't want to get in this but I always try to protest.

***I also feed stray dogs in some known areas where cruelty happened more. But our regular conducting with these dogs and people around the place made them safer. I also Vaccinate them every year. Also i go and help Vaccinating community dogs and awareness programs if anyone asks for my help.

***I also help pet owners and community based dog carers through our Facebook page (ALB animal shelter) and group (animal lovers of Bangladesh). Through Facebook I try to connect with other animal lovers all over the Bangladesh who can work together regarding local animal welfare.

I try to promote general knowledge and ideas about Vaccination and sterilization. Diseases and necessary steps regarding sick animals as people here still don't have much idea about these basic things. They don't want to go to vets unless the last moment and mostly rely on experienced people online. To be frank in most of the places in Bangladesh there is no vet with knowledge regarding house pets. They only practice on farm animals.

I know the difficulty though. As I don't have any personal transportation and vet clinics are in city while my shelter is in rural area. Everytime I have to go to vet I can't take public Transport like bus as they refuse to take cats or dogs. So I have to hire personal transport which costs 5 times more than any public transportation.

My Current spending:

My shelter is currently housing 56 cats and 14 dogs.
*Per day 14 dogs eat 5kg rice for 2 time meal. Meat 4kg for 2 time meal. Per Month it costs me around $100-120.

*Per day 56 cats eat 3.5 kg rice and 4kg fish/chicken in 2 times meal and 1kg cat food for one time meal. Per month it costs me around $300.

I sterilized all male cats and dogs but couldn't sterilize all female as it costs more. Each sterilization costs $25-$35. But I have been able to Vaccinate all of them. Each Vaccination costs $15 (nobivac+rabisin).

I have been always dedicated to serve animals in need. I have nursed sick animals to health, hand raised orphan kittens, taken in abandoned animals, re-homed kittens, adult cats. Being the owner of only govt approved animal shelter in Bangladesh the pressure was on me and i tried my best to do it alone. Keeping around 70 animals is not a easy job to do. I didn't have any donations but only the house I own. Till now i don't have regular donors, despite all circumstances i have utilized my resources in the best way to help the animals in need. But it's getting hard for me alone. I'm going to be broke soon if I don't find any solution to help this situation.

These babies need feeding grooming deworming defleaing Vaccination and sterilization besides medicines and other expenses which is a huge cost for me alone. I need other animal lovers' help with this. It wouldn't be much to donate a little individually but in the end it will help us in a great deal. I want to continue my work with all of your help. Please be with us.

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