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Multiple Cat Vet Care
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Hi, my name is Shaun Nelson, I'm a lover of all animals. I write poetry about them, and write children's poetry. I have 7 different cats. They are all very playful and love the outdoors.


With 7 cats it is very difficult to afford vet care they so desperately need. So I'm looking for help with paying vet bills when it is necessary.


Most of my cats have loose stools and I want to take care of the sickness and help them to be healthy again but I don't have enough money to be able to do so. So donations will help this be a possibility.


I ask that you show your love for cats and help these pets get the best care possible and contribute in any way possible via either donations or another way. I really don't want to send them to a shelter. I have built a relationship with them and love them all dearly.


I also ask that if you find this campaign that you share it with anyone you know with a love for cats. I'm planning on uploading videos for everyone to see how they are doing, and I ask that you share those as well.


I'm also wanting to build an outdoor housing for them so they can have a place to rest when they are outside. If you are interested in helping with that send a message and I will start another fundraiser.


Thank you so much for any and all help given, I'm gonna keep posting more videos and pictures of them and their life so you can see what they like and how they act.

Here are some more details of them.

Here are a some facts about them. First, there's Smoky, she's a gray-colored short-hair with some spots. She is wild and wacky when she wants to be but loves attention. There's also Spotty, she is also gray but we call her that because she has spots on her face and Smoky does not. Her love for attention is random but she is much wackier at times than Smoky. If she's playful and spots you trying to pet her she'll dash across the room as fast as she can. The one behind her in the picture is Mew Mew. He's all black and just lovable all the time. When I wake up he jumps on the bed and wants attention. He loves being pet on the head. Next, is Lil' Powder, he is a ginger colored cat and probably the most lovable attention wanting one I have. It doesn't matter where I am, he wants to be there, most of the time when I type he will jump up and lay on the keyboard...kitty...stop it...I'm trying to type here. He's very playful, and can get very rough, so I have to tell him to stop. Well, anyway, next is Night Night. He is a longhaired, all black and some gray cat. He is very lovable, he is the second most lovable cat. He will stand up to my knee when I'm sitting and have me pick him up so he can sit on my shoulder and rub my face. He'll climb up so he can rub my face himself. When I'm laying down he'll keep rubbing and rubbing til I sneeze. Like this. Nextly is Lil' Pepper, she is very timid, but wants to be close if she isn't scared. She loves getting attention and likes to hang around a lot. Finally, there is Fluffy, she is the oldest of them all and the mother of 4 of them. The father is either Mew Mew or Night Night. Don't worry they've all been fixed. She likes to be on her own, and outside mostly, she will come in and she loves to get attention at the most random times. She will rub my feet with her head until I notice her and start petting. She doesn't like being held much. These are my cats, I hope you enjoyed the story.

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