Rae Rae Had Been Neglected and Abandoned
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She had all the calling cards of a lifetime of abuse and neglect and she had found herself alone at the shelter with zero chance of someone coming for her and providing her care when she needed it most.  

She is totally emaciated with all her ribs being visible.  She is covered in mammary tumors including one hanging from her eye.  Her mouth is full of rotten teeth, she is covered in scars, was dehydrated and is diabetic on top of it.  She had no chance in the shelter.

To us she is beautiful and deserves every chance and every treatment available that will make her better.

DRSF puller, transporter, foster and forever Mom Margaret was on deck to give the little girl we have named Rae Rae her freedom ride from the shelter and the first hands of love and kind words Rae Rae would hear on her rescue journey.

She was brought to Dr. Bruce's Animal Hospital where Margaret reports that after just a few moments Rae Rae all but melts and wants to trust and be loved. 

All the people Rae Rae has ever had hurt her. We are Rae Rae's people now.... She is part of our DRSF family, and if we have anything to say about it, will never want for anything again.  Will you help us keep this same promise to her that we make to all the dogs who come to our door?

As always, every dollar counts toward the funding finish line and even if you are not able to donate, your comment alone helps Rae Rae as the more comments we have, the more people will see her story!



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