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It's our most dread injury and one that without rescue will guarantee euthanasia at the shelter...The dog "looks" fine, maybe a few scrapes, but inside is in need of major, big ticket, orthopedic surgery....it is the broken puppy pelvis.

The little girl we have named Halo, is living the story we have heard far too many times coming out of Miami....she was brought in as a "stray" yet the people who "found" her knew that she was hit by a car YESTERDAY.  Hmmmm....doesn't quite add up.

The Pambulance was at the shelter getting another dog and the rescue office asked if we could help and when we saw her little face, we just melted.  She was well cared for, no scruffy hair, no long nails, no mats in her fur.  She was in pain, she had been hit by a car and you could see the black rubber soot from the tires on her back. She needed help, and we are the only group, that, thanks to our amazing supporters, can provide the kind of care she needs.

She was quickly assessed by the shelter and released to the Pambulance that headed north with her to LeadER where their amazing team got Halo right in the back to get her assessed.  Halo was examined, had a urinary catheter placed, started on pain meds, and some ones to chill her out so that she could have x-rays.  Blood work is being run and then Dr. Unis will determine the best plan of attack for surgery.

This will be our 2nd $6,000 surgery we have committed to in one week and we VERY Much need your help and hope you agree Halo deserved a chance.  As always, even $1 gets us closer to our Funding Finish Line and even if you are not able to donate, your comment alone supports Halo as the more people who comment on her post, the more people see her story <3 

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