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Spectrum: Books and Calculators $2,380

Spectrum would like to purchase 3 box sets of novels for our English classes. We would also like to purchase 20 scientific calculators for our science and math classes. We also need 15 IPad chargers for our IPads. Currently, we have IPads with no chargers so the students are unable to use them.

Calculators and novels will be purchased for use in English, science and math classes here at Spectrum for years to come.

For a decade, Adopt-a-School's primary focus has been on ensuring that students aren’t hungry, are clothed and have learning experiences that will enable them to fulfill their potential. The Vancouver Sun and its readers recognized and responded to the pressing needs of children and youth. Since 2011, readers have recognized how hard it is to learn when you’re hungry and have donated around $6.5 million to the Adopt-a-School campaigns.

But as COVID has highlighted, learning is harder still without the necessary technology and tools. During the pandemic, more than ever, children and youth are suffering with anxiety and depression.  They need safe spaces to go and schools can be that. And if schools are forced to close again, how many families won’t have what their children need to Zoom to class or do their homework?

The applications here are requests for technology and literacy tools to help support the students' education. Not as urgent as food security, perhaps, but equally necessary for the ongoing development of these children.

Any designated donations received for these technology and literacy programs will be disbursed to assist the schools with their needs.


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Sorry, we're not currently accepting contributions.