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Spectrum: Grocery Gift Cards
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Many of the parents of students who attend Spectrum have lost work due to COVID and are experiencing food instability. Providing grocery gift cards for these families during this financially stressful time will significantly lower stress and help  families in immeasurable ways. 


This project is one of many received by The Vancouver Sun Children's Fund for our 2020/21 Adopt-a-School campaign.

Since the day our first Adopt-a-School news story was published in the fall of 2011, generous Vancouver Sun readers have helped us raise more than $6 million to improve the lives of B.C.’s neediest school children.

The money you donate helps teachers and school staff who are dealing with children suffering from the effects of poverty and enables them to provide breakfast or lunch, food at weekends, other necessities (like warm clothing) and educational experiences. We are grateful for your support, and for the opportunity to make a difference.

(100 per cent of donated funds are used for grants.  Admin & expenses are either supported by the Vancouver Sun newspaper or paid out of interest on investments.)


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