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Britannia Secondary: Outreach Alternative
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Outreach is an Indigenous focused school where indigenous learning and curriculum are at the forefront of all our studies. In this program we are dedicated to meeting youth where they are at in all capacities of their lives.

Our primary purpose is to encourage students to participate and enjoy an educational experience however, a lot of our students require additional supports. As a result of financial hardship being a predominant issue for our student population . We require additional funding to provide basic needs - clothing, school supplies, field trip supplies, after-school recreational needs, food for school and home, hygiene supplies, clean and new bedding and sheets, laundry money and reaching way out there possibly young driver training.

All allowances would go toward the growth and development that comes with adolescents. An ideal allowance would be for clothing supports. As the youth grow and change so does their shoe and clothing sizes. We like to provide the basic necessities to our youth and at the same time reach for a higher level of support for all areas of their lives i.e. drivers training and other life skill building activities.

In other cases of need to cover any exceptional costs- many students do not have weather appropriate clothing or shoes- this could mean the school would be able to provide rain coats, rain boots, snow and winter gear as well as moving into warmer weather. It is important for the youth to be comfortable through the seasons.


This project is one of many received by The Vancouver Sun Children's Fund for our 2020/21 Adopt-a-School campaign.

Since the day our first Adopt-a-School news story was published in the fall of 2011, generous Vancouver Sun readers have helped us raise more than $6 million to improve the lives of B.C.’s neediest school children.

The money you donate helps teachers and school staff who are dealing with children suffering from the effects of poverty and enables them to provide breakfast or lunch, food at weekends, other necessities (like warm clothing) and educational experiences. We are grateful for your support, and for the opportunity to make a difference.

(100 per cent of donated funds are used for grants.  Admin & expenses are either supported by the Vancouver Sun newspaper or paid out of interest on investments.)


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