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Bruno's Mast Cell Tumors
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Bruno is an extremely delicate case due to his genetic mutation breeding.  The breeder got his looks stunning, but unfortunately when you mess with genetics you create a host of issues.  Sadly for Bruno, after crashing during his attempted neuter and thousands of dollars in testing, his issues still remain a mystery to our specialists (and all those who have consulted on his case).

For an unknown reason Bruno's chest cavity fills with fluid, when he crashed the ER pulled over 5 liters total over a two day period.  Our specialists have been able to get him stable after trying several treatments and he's been doing well with a small amount of fluid remaining in his chest cavity.  Since his condition is unknown and he can turn critical at any time, we placed Bruno in our hospice program.  Bruno's family took him in as one of their own to live out his days.  They bring Bruno to our specialists every 6 months for ultrasounds to measure the fluid, follow his treatment plan, and spoil him rotten! Bruno couldn't be happier.

Bruno came in with us for his yearly heartworm test and exam (he isn't allowed any vaccines) with Dr. T.  We had two bumps that recently appeared aspirated and samples sent out to the lab.  Unfortunately, we did not get the news we wanted to hear....

Both of Bruno's bumps came back as mast cell tumors.  This creates a potentially dangerous situation for our boy as the lumps need to be removed with (hopefully) good margins and sent out to the lab.  This means that Bruno needs to be put under anesthetic....which we don't know if it is safe for him.

We have talked with Dr. T and our specialist, along with his family, and together we have put together a preliminary plan......

Monday: Bruno will go back in to see Dr. T.  She will take more blood for a full panel.  She will also do a full series of chest X-rays to see if the cancer has spread in his lungs.  Dr. T will send the lab results and pictures to our specialist for him to review.

Tuesday: Bruno will be admitted to the ER.  He will undergo an ultrasound to measure the fluid in his chest cavity.  Bruno will also have an ultrasound of his abdomen to see if the cancer has spread.

After all the testing we (the doctors, family and Pit Crew) will discuss the safest next step for Bruno.  Can Bruno have the lumps removed with Dr. T and be safe?  Does he need to be admitted to the ER, in case he crashes again when he is under, so he can have a full emergency team there to help him?  Or is surgery not a safe option at all for him?

From the aspirations to the results we are looking at an unexpected hit for Bruno....But we just can't chance skipping any steps with his past and breeding, one missed step could mean life or death. That isn't a gamble we are willing to take with how well he's been doing.

Bruno is looking for sponsors to help cover these first steps.  Can you help a hunk out?


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