Mae's Battle Against Time & Carcinoma
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Every dog that finds their way to our door is special and they all deserve a chance.  Every now and again, one little soul finds their way to us under the most cruel of circumstances and despite all our resources, we can't fix it.  Mae is one of those extra special little souls and we are here to ask your help to give her as much time as possible to make up for everything she has never had.

At the beginning of August a little 7 lb girl came to MDAS as a stray.  She had all the calling cards of neglect...a mouth full of bad teeth and mammary tumors.  Dr. Wemen at Everglades Animal Hospital helped her out with both of those things and we thought little Mae was on her way to choosing a forever family.

Mae made her way to a foster home where she arrived with some diapers as she was dripping a bit of blood as she was spayed while she was in heat and we expected it to stop a in day or so.  When more than a few days had gone by and it still hadn't stopped, we had a gut feel that something was up and so Mae took a ride in the Pambulance to LeadER to get checked out.

A visit with Dr. Johns and an ultrasound revealed bad news that only got worse....Mae had a mass in her bladder that was blocking her urine and a biopsy would tell us what kind of cancer it was.  The pathology came back as bad as it could...Transitional Cell Carcinoma.

This diagnosis is heartbreaking for any dog, rescue or otherwise, but it is heart shattering for Mae as she shows every single sign of not only being neglected, likely for her entire life, but being abused as well.  Noises scare her, feet scare her, she won't make eye contact, and she flattens out every time anyone goes to pick her up.  Her life has been misery and now that she is at the cusp of having the life that every little girl deserves, cancer stands to rob her of it and we have no idea how long she has left...but we know it isn't long.

But that doesn't mean we give up, that doesn't mean we lie down and die, and it sure as hell doesn't mean we set up an appointment to help Mae cross the bridge.  Rescue is about giving life and giving love, and that is precisely what we are going to do and we need your help to do it...

A hospice foster home has stepped forward to welcome Mae to their family and love her with everything they have for as long as she has and to taker her journey with her until she is ready to cross the bridge.  She has a fluffy bed, new collar, eating good food, and is becoming a little less fearful with each passing day.

Mae will start on anti-inflammatory meds this evening to try and reduce some of the inflammation in her bladder until she can see Dr. Ratteree, Veterinary Oncologist, at LeadER next week. We will not to go heroic lengths or have her to suffer, but we want to use every tool available to give her every day possible to live the life she deserves to have had so far.

Mae has not had so very many things in this life...we can't give her a happily ever after, but we can give her a chance to bask in the love and care of a family and soak up as much love as she can each day that she has.  Will you help us give her that chance?


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