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Geeks for Kids: Gets Kids with Movement Limitations Racing!
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COVID-19 has knocked us off schedule, but we are still determined to deliver a car to every child on our waiting list.

Give Kids the Gift of Movement

Geeks for Kids is an initiative of LEARN, a small nonprofit with a big dream – to give kids with mobility challenges the #Power2Play. With the help of volunteers and donors like you, we build kid-size racing cars for kids who otherwise can’t get around on their own. Join us in the campaign to get these kids racing!

Kids Are Waiting Right Now

Thirty kids are waiting for us to deliver cars that will allow them to explore, learn and connect on their own – perhaps for the first time. Thanks to COVID, we have had to cancel all but one of the big builds and our fundraisers, but we can raise the funds needed to complete the cars and be ready to start building again as soon as it is safe.

Give a Kid Like Jerry a Hot Rod!

There are 500,000 American kids under the age of 5 with movement limitations - kids like Jerry, shown above. Jerry was four years old when we met him; he is a charming, sunny little boy who wanted desperately to play outside with his brothers, sisters and neighborhood friends. Because a car drove over him when he was two and broke his spine, he cannot walk; and, because of his age, his insurance would not provide him with a motorized wheelchair. So, he could only sit and watch the other kids play. Now, Jerry is zooming around his yard and neighborhood in the car we built, and his friends compete to ride with him.

Why $37,500?

It costs over $53,000 to build 30 cars. We’ve raised $15,750 so far. So, we have to raise $37,500 more to get our kids racing, and we need every penny as we provide these cars to their families for FREE.

Get Involved

It takes a village – maybe even a small city – to fulfill our mission to build as many customized, electric cars for kids with mobility limitations as we can. We are calling on mechanical and electrical engineers, software developers, roboticists, mechanics, physical therapists, seamstresses, corporate sponsors and individual sponsors to rise to the challenge. To build great cars that empower lots of little kids, we need you!

There are so many ways to get involved in Geeks for Kids. You can:

To learn more about Geeks for Kids and the cars we are building, visit

Join the Race!

Get in the driver’s seat and share our page with #GeeksForKids and #Power2Play with your friends and family.

100% of our donations go straight to building these cars.

Geeks For Kids is a LEARN Science & Math Club program. LEARN Science & Math Club is a non-profit that has been providing kids with rich, hands-on STEM experiences since 2004.

One of our test drivers, testing our va-va-room! The Cost

We need your help to get these kid racing!  By bundling together small donations, we can build big dreams. And, the more money we raise, the more cars we can build.

Your donation will help us buy...

 Every dollar helps!  We bundle small donations to make big things happen.  So, don't worry if you can only donate a small sum.
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