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Just a Car
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Whoops! We all make mistakes! Well, Megan made a pretty costly one, and now the car she just had repaired is totaled. :(
Help Megan and Sam continue to both work by donating a small amount toward a new(used) car. :D

Hey, I'm Megan's sister, Crescentia.
Last week Megan brought her car into the shop for repairs. Then she picked it up and dropped off her husband, Sam's, car for repairs on that. A couple days later she got in a stupid mistake of a car accident (that was totally her fault, not blaming anyone else). Now her car is totaled and undriveable. :(
All their savings had gone into repairs on their vehicles (oh, the joys of car ownership!), so they are a bit stretched and limited as to what they can afford. Let's help them get just a bit better car, so they can both continue to work and do all the stuff they need to do. :D

Goal 1, $1000: Minimum to get a cheap, beater car, and get it insured & registered. Maybe enough left for an oil change.
Goal 2, $1500: Goal 1, PLUS pay for some repairs, that will for sure be needed.
Goal 3, $2500: Get a bit better used car, get it a tune-up, maybe cover any needed minor repairs, too.
Goal 4, $5000: Ooooo, a newer used car that maybe doesn't need too much done to it, that would be nice!
Goal 5, $7000: Wow!  That's enough for a nice used car, low miles...
Goal 6, $20,000: Brand New Car!
Goal 7, $150,000: BATMOBILE!!!!

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$2 USD
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We won't even acknowledge your contribution, further, just a "Thanks" right here. Thanks!
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$10 USD
Glass of Water
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If you go to Megan's house, she'll give you a glass of tap water. She might even let you use the bathroom. (Some restrictions apply. Megan reserves the right to refuse to tell you where she lives.)
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$20 USD
Ride down the road & back.
  • 0 claimed
Megan will take you for a short ride in the car - from a location of her choosing - down the road & back. (Some restrictions apply, distance may vary, Megan reserves the right to refuse to drive anyone anywhere, for any reason, and to refuse to tell anyone where she lives.)
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$100 USD
Personal "Thank You" Mime Video
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They (Megan & kids) will create a short video, miming their thanks to you!
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$2,000 USD
Personalize it!
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  • 1 remaining
You pick the plate! For your donation, you get to personalize the license plate (dependent on availability and state guidelines). Vehicle will carry the personalized plate for at least 1 year, or the life of the vehicle, whichever is shorter.
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$10,000 USD
Sign it!
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  • 6 remaining
Get a custom vinyl sign (approx. 1'x2') for our car: you choose what it looks like, what it says, everything! (Some restrictions apply, we reserve the right to veto any design. Must be family-friendly and publicly appropriate, and submit to all applicable laws.) Sign will remain on the vehicle for at least a year, or the life of the vehicle, whichever is shorter.
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