Mardi was close to death, a "stray" on the Streets
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We saw her photo come into the shelter...a "stray" from the streets and we knew that she had a huge mass on her face between her nose and eye, but we had no idea what it was.  Her nails were curled over and she had an eye infection.

We got her to our incredible Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Seaman who examed the little girl we named Mardi and our hearts broks when Dr. Seaman determined that the mass on Mardi's face was an abscess tooth, from the root, that had gotten so badly infected that it had eaten through the bone.

Someone, somehwere had seen this infected mass on her flace slowly growing and idly by watching it, knowing she was getting sicker and sicker from something, and at some point turned her out on the streets.  Her suppsoed "family"......

We can't imagine what kind of pain Mardi had to be in and Dr. Seaman did what she could to drain the abscess and get beautiful Mardi on some pain meds, high doses of antibiotics, and x-rays to get an idea of how badly the bone around the abscess was compromised.

Mardi is in need of a dental from a veterinary dentist and we ask your help to get her the care that she needs so that she has her shot at the Happily Ever After that only DRSF can provide where after years of neglect and pain are replaced with love, safety, care and comfort.

Will you help us make that dream come true for Mardi?  Your support for her care ensures that not only can we help Mardi, but that our DRSF War Chest is ready for that next little girl who is likely out there righr now and making her way to our door.

As always, every dollar counts toward the funding finish line and even if you are not able to donate, we still invite you to leave a comment or to share her story as you never know whose heat you will touch!

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