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Over 600 dogs are put to death EVERY day in Los Angeles shelters. A group of non-profit rescues have teamed up to save 98 dogs in 4 weeks. These dogs all have pre-approved foster and adoptive homes waiting, now it all comes down to funding. We raised over $5000 thus far and had 38 dogs rescued from the shelters and flown to Canada on October 31.

We now must raise another $5000 by November 16 to be able to rescue and transport another 60 dogs on November 20.

The main cost is transportation. We have volunteer pilots from Wings of Rescue charity that will be flying the dogs to their new homes. However, we need to pay for the fuel which is costly. Funds are also needed for vet care- all rescues are fully vetted before going to their new homes. This means being spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for any health issues they may have.

An excerpt from our gofundme page:

"Rocco the chihuahua was dumped at a Los Angeles high-kill shelter after his family had a new baby. He was always a "good boy" and showed his family unconditional love and devotion. He didn't understand why he was abandoned by them. Sitting in a cement cage with four other doggies like him, smelling the fear and death in the air he wondered what he did wrong. Bella the cane corso spent the first two years of her life chained up in a backyard with no human contact. She was finally seized by animal control and left at a high-kill shelter, with little hope of ever getting out alive. Oscar the miniature pinscher was dumped in a garbage can, too small to climb out. A kind stranger found him and brought him to a high-kill shelter, not knowing the fate that most likely awaited him there. These particular three dogs were rescued by me and now have loving forever homes. However, millions of dogs with stories just like theirs are not so lucky.

My name is Zoe Conley. I have been independently rescuing dogs from high kill shelters in Los Angeles for a couple of years now. These shelters are overcrowded with friendly, healthy, amazing animals that are euthanized every day.

These dogs have so much love to give. They deserve the chance to know what it's like to be happy, healthy, safe and loved. The look in a dog's eyes when he experiences these things for the first time is something that cannot be put into words.

Please remember to always spay and neuter your pets and don't "shop", ADOPT. Save a life. You will not regret it."

Please share and donate what you can, every little bit helps!  Let's give 60 more dogs the second chance at life they so deserve! 


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